Monday, September 14, 2015

Peppa Pig Comes to Jazzwares

Jazwares – a leader in toy and entertainment innovation – recently debuted some of this holiday season’s hottest toys – which will bring kids’ favorite on-screen characters to life, offering a new dimension of play.
Now kids can go on adventures with Peppa, George and all their friends! The new toy line features playsets, plush and figures to keep Peppa fans busy, imaginative and entertained. From the Peppa Pig Best Friends Pack with movable figures for realistic play to the cuddly, oinking plush Peppa, children can spend time with their favorite Peppa characters at-home and on-the-go! 

My Thoughts

Peppa Pig is an adorable, lovable pig who lives with her parents and her baby brother George. If you watch Nick Jr., you probably already know her.  Peppa lives in the UK and has the cutest English accent.  She enjoys games, mud puddles, getting dressed up, and taking trips. Recently, Peppa took a trip to our  house along with some of her fabulous new products. Peppa has a whole slew of fun toys available from Jazzwares that would be the perfect choice for holiday gifts for all the little girls in your life.  Here are a few of fun items we got to try out.

This pack includes four life-like figures including Peppa Pig, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Each figure features unique clothing colors. The action figures have movable parts, and really bring the show to life. They have plenty of detail and look just like the characters in the show.


 Rainy Day Peppa was an even bigger hit. She is a jumbo size plastic action figure. She comes wearing Peppa's signature dress, but she  also come with an adorable rain coat and boots. These are easy to take on and off. Because she's made from sturdy plastic and easy to clean, you really can bring her out to splash in the rain if you wanted to. 

My kids absolutely  loves the assortment of Peppa Pig toys. My daughter has been sleeping with her big Peppa and bringing her along everywhere we go. The mini figures were a big hit with her and her little brother.  The fun really never ends with Peppa Pig. To learn more about Jazzwares and all the great toys they offer, be sure to visit their website.