Friday, September 25, 2015

Paraben-free beauty from Belli for BCA Month

 I recently  got to try out a few  all-natural, paraben, salicylic, glycolic and benzoyl peroxide-free skin care products from Belli Skincare just in time for BCA Month. These products are completely safe and effective for pregnant women, new moms, and ladies in general. The the first two items I tried are the  Belli Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub and Belli Anti-Blemish Facial Wash.  These products are amazing for prepping and cleansing skin, resulting in a healthy glow. This-two step program guarantees smooth and subtle skin for women of all ages. Both my teen daughter and myself gave them a shot, and we were really impressed with the results. Not only do they leave your skin feeling soft and clean, they're also a great way to fight acne, making them the perfect choice for teens as well as adults.

The Pre-Treatment is a great way to exfoliate your skin. As soon as you touch it you can feel the tiny granules that work to get deep into your pores. Dry skin gets magically erased and your skin is nice and soft when you're finished. In addition to providing excellent results, it also smells amazing. The peppermint is just what you need to perk you up in the morning and green tea is always refreshing.

The Anti-Blemish Facial Wash is clear and clean right out of the tube, letting you know there's nothing but good stuff in there. When you wash your face, it creates a nice lather that gives your skin a deep down clean. The combination of green tea and cucumber smells amazing, but it's also extremely gentle. My daughter is fourteen and has problems with break outs. This product worked better for her than many of the brands designed for teens. I saw a marked improvement in her skin after just a few days. While using both products may be an extra step in your daily routine, its definitely worth the effort if you want clear and beautiful skin.

Also included in the duo is the Acne Control Spot Treatment. This is a little more concentrated, and worked almost overnight on some of my daughter's pimples.  You just add a smidgen to infected areas and pimples will clear up like magic. It doesn't burn your skin like so many other treatments, but it works fast. It's made with tea tree oil, which has always been known for its healing properties, making it a more natural way to treat breakouts.  Getting both products in one is a great deal and almost guarantees your skin will stay clear through pregnancy and beyond. 

The Eye Brightening cream gives special attention to the delicate area around your eyes. I am pushing forty, but don't have many wrinkles yet. The area around my eyes has always been my biggest concern. This cream works like a charm. Just a tiny bit under your eyes works like an eraser. It's as though fine lines completely vanish. In addition, it also works wonders for tired eyes. If you didn't get a good night's sleep and have telltale bags, this cream will wipe them away instantly. You can feel it go to work, tightening up the skin. The formula is not greasy and leaves your skin looking healthy and natural.

You can't go wrong with the Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator. It goes on evenly and leaves her skin feeling rose-petal soft.  The cream is gentle enough to use even on sensitive skin.  The lotion goes on smooth, rubs in easily, and has no greasy residue. It comes in a nice squeeze bottle for easy access. The chamomile and lemon scent is light and refreshing. It's also cruelty free which is very important to me and my family. 

The Sheer Comfort Lip Balm is made using only ultra-purified lanolin oil. That's it. That is the only ingredient listed on the box. It works wonders on chapped lips, healing and moisturizing dry and cracked skin. The lack of chemicals makes it a healthy choice for expecting and breastfeeding mothers who won't have to worry about the effect or harmful chemicals on their babies.  The odorless, tasteless formula could be a bonus as well. I remember when I was pregnant, lip balms with any taste at all made me gag during the first trimester. This simple formula glides on smooth and you can go many hours without reapplying. It keeps your lips moisturized and protects them from the elements.  If you're looking for a great lip balm free of dyes, fragrances, and phthalates, Belli Sheer Comfort is the perfect choice.

The Belli Skincare line was originally designed for pregnant woman, but even those who aren't in the family way can see the benefits of this all-natural line. They are also cruelty free which is always a big plus in my book. Be sure to check all the great all-natural products on the Belli Skin Care website and connect with them via their social media.  You can also find their full line on Amazon
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