Sunday, September 6, 2015

Lucy and the Magic Loom Kids Book Review

Rainbow Loom was named 2014 Toy of the Year from the American Toy Industry Association and has sold over 8 million units worldwide along with 40 million rubber band packets. LUCY and the MAGIC LOOM is the first novel to incorporate the Rainbow Loom as a part of the adventure story. 12-year-old Lucy happens upon a magic loom that leads her into an enchanted world filled with fantastic creatures, castles, and colorful landscapes.

Young readers will learn to be persistent and use their imagination to uncover creative solutions. This story rewards kindness and generosity and emphasizes the importance of friendship and helping others. It’s the perfect book for reluctant readers!

Our Thoughts

Every kid needs a great story book that's filled with fantasy up to the eyeballs and Lucy and the Magic Loom fits the bill!

The cover itself is a wonderful illustration that captivated the eyes of both my daughters and had them excited to dig in and read. This book is filled with great life lessons of kindness that all kids can relate too. The magical adventures had my kids loving this from the get go and now they both want a loom.

With this being 112 pages, this is a great bedtime story. My daughters will snuggle while my oldest reads a few pages each night, and of course they continue talking about whatever make-believe they create in their head afterwards. It jump starts the imagination and playfulness in all kids and is just inspiring all around.

Want a great way to surprise your kids after they fall in love with this book? Get the loom! Have them find and open it just like Lucy did, on her doorstep as a surprise!

Reviewed by Jackie