Monday, September 14, 2015

Evolve : The Toothbrush of Higher Intelligence

The EVOLVE toothbrush is an innovative product in the category of manual brushes. This distinctive new toothbrush is created with a patented Triple Flexing brush head design which helps thoroughly and easily clean surfaces of teeth and gums, especially the hard to reach areas. Developed by Dr. Paul A. Scheier, practicing dentist and oral care inventor, it’s a dramatic evolution in brush design with results that can benefit not just oral health, but overall health as well.

EVOLVE toothbrush is design to work for children as well as adults. It not only brushes at and below gum level, it is also a great tool for children with braces, gum problems and children with disabilities, because of the unique ergonomic design. It’s a SMART toothbrush that knows what to do even kids don’t! 

Evolve-3871_brush-headThe EVOLVE Toothbrush is now available for $15 at For more information on how to use this unique brush, view the instructional video at

My  Thoughts 

The Evolve Toothbrush is definitely the next step up in dental hygiene.  The triple-flexing brush  helps keeps your gums healthy and your teeth looking their best. The brush gets all the hard to reach areas between your teeth. The combination of the three parts guarantees a healthy mouth and a bright, shiny smile.

I felt the difference as soon as I put this brush in my mouth. The bristles are soft and gentle against your gums. Even with sensitive gums that normally bleed every time I brush, I had no issues when using this brush. Yet, despite the gentle bristles, these brushes also produce a deep down clean. The thin bristles allow the brush to get into even the tightest crevices, reducing plaque and leaving your smile shiny and bright.

I've been using the Evolve s Toothbrush for several days now, and its still going strong and shows no signs of slowing down or wearing out.  You can be sure I won't be going back to the old brand after the results I've seen with this brush. The Evolve Toothbrush is now the brush of choice for my family. 


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