Saturday, September 12, 2015

Duncan Hines® Perfect Size: For all of Life's Everyday Celebrations

It’s Back to School time and with that comes all sorts of everyday celebrations! A good game, an A+ spelling test, impromptu play dates, and let’s not forget celebrating parents, too with a special desert and a glass of wine… the list goes on and on!

Duncan Hines has the “Perfect Size” cake to fit any occasion and your hectic schedule. These great-tasting cakes, with a serving size of two to four, are perfect for a few people when a full-size cake is too much (too many pans to clean, too much cake left over).

Duncan Hines has created Perfect Size cakes in five deliciously indulgent favors:

·      Chocolate Lover’s – chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
·      Red Velvet Dream – red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
·      Lemon Bliss – lemon cake with lemon frosting
·      Strawberries and Cream – strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting

 Each Perfect Size cake comes with a cake mix, frosting mix, and a disposable 6-inch round pan. Prep to yummy in approximately 45 minutes!

My Thoughts

Duncan Hines has a new line of mini cake mixes that are a surprisingly easy and the perfect way to give your kids a fun after-school snack.  The new cake mixes  come in a variety of flavors and are just the right size for a small family! My kids had a blast baking these delicious cakes.

What I  really love about the Perfect Size cakes is how quick and easy they are to prepare. It only takes a few minutes to mix up the batter and less than an hour for them to bake. Even better, each box comes with pretty much everything you need to get started. There is a mini pan included and the frosting. I especially love that it comes with frosting. So many times I've had to throw away containers of frosting because I didn't use them up before they expired. Or I would find a great cake mix, but couldn't locate the right type of frosting. This way, I always have exactly what I need.

I also love that  they come with a disposable pan. Not only is it easy to bake,  there is really no clean up whatsoever. Except of course for the crumbs the little ones leave behind. One of these cakes is perfectly proportioned for my four children, but it's also nice to be able to make two minis so every one is sure to get a flavor they love. 

I couldn't be happier with the Duncan Hines Perfect Size mixes. They really are perfect in every way possible. Making a Perfect Size cake means it's fresh and delicious every time and gives you the diversity you crave.  With quick and easy preparations, it's easy to give your kids tasty treats they will love. If you'd like to learn more about these products and all the good things available from Duncan Hines, check out their website. Also be sure to follow them on face book or twitter.


Jackie said...

What a fun idea! I like the flavors that are available. I'm going to be looking for these in the store when I food shop. Thanks for the review!