Saturday, September 19, 2015

Coloring Dream Mandalas - Adult Coloring Book - Review

Relax and de-stress from your busy life by coloring this collection of whimsical mandalas that incorporate mystical imagery into the patterns

Relax, focus, reach a higher state of mindfulness and simply enjoy yourself as you artfully turn the intricate shapes in this book into stunning works of art. Coloring Dream Mandalas offers you an imaginative array of inspiring quotes and beautiful images, including:

•Dream catchers
•Stars and Moons
•Sacred Symbols

Our Thoughts

I'm sure that there are plenty parents out there, especially moms, that want to color with the kids or even color alone! I know that when I plan to color with the kids, all they do is take over my book or page because mine is so much better than theirs, even if it's the same book! The Coloring Dream Mandalas book gives mom (or dad) an opportunity to color along side the kids but have a book that is of an adult caliber. 

I absolutely loved taking time and coloring the Mandala I chose. Granted I came back to it a couple times because of it being so much more difficult than a regular book but I can't say enough about it! I love the intricacy of the designs and I love all the detail you can get with this! I recommend getting twist pencils or twist crayons to use as colors unless you're an avid artist. Your typical crayons just don't work because of the intricacy of the designs. 

The photo is one of the less complicated designs that I have colored in the book. 

You can find Coloring Dream Mandalas for purchase on Amazon or a signed copy on Etsy. You can find out more about Wendy Peirsall on her website and follow her on Instagram and Pintrest.


Terra Heck said...

My mother and I recently purchased a couple of adult coloring books. We find them relaxing. And, it helps with her fine motor skills. This looks like one we'd enjoy coloring in.

freddie said...

What a great idea. This would be a great gift for my daughter. This would be a great way to spend time with my grandchildren too. They love coloring and so do I.

Shelly Leatham said...

I love these! I have been coloring in adult coloring books for about 2 months now and they really help me relax! Mandalas are some of my favorites to color!

Shannon said...

What a great coloring book. I will have to get this for me and thank you for sharing.

alissa apel said...

I just got my first adult coloring book last week. It's so fun!

Denise Low said...

Great idea. Thank you for sharing.