Saturday, September 5, 2015

Back to School with Post-it Brand and Fiskars

Post-it Brand has a range of fun and helpful tools for parents, students and teachers. Organize in style with chic prints and patterns, add a lively burst of color to your day with a range of new hues, get creative and collaborate, and make homework and study time fun!

Fiskars, famous for the iconic Orange-Handled Scissors and known for its cutting tools and superior performance has scissors that are perfect for kids of all ages. Fiskars Kids Scissors and Preschool Training Scissors are teacher-recommended and mom-approved and designed for kids ages 3 and up. Fiskars collection of kids’ scissors makes getting creative at every age safe, comfortable and fun.

Post-it Brand World of Color collections

9 bold new color palettes of Post-it Notes inspired by exotic destinations (i.e. Rio de Janeiro, Bali, Bora Bora and beyond)

Post-it Flags and Tabs, Pattern Collection

Priced from $4.99

Post-it Super Sticky Printed Calendar and Post-it Super Sticky List Note with Magnet
Priced from $5.99

Post-it Die Cut Notes

Fiskars Designer Non-stick Kids Scissors – 5 inch

Recommended for kids age 4+

All designs available in blunt-tip and pointed-tip

Fiskars Designer Non-stick Student Scissors – 7 inch

Recommended for kids age 12+

Fiskars Preschool Training Scissors

Recommended for kids age 3+

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My Thoughts

Forget tying a string around your finger. Er, I mean—don’t bother with the string anymore. There’s something better to help you remember. Post-it Products come in all different colors, and Post-it Brand's new line of notes inspired by cities of the world is a product to remember for sure. I love all the bright colors; they help me zero in on what I want to recall, fast. 

Don’t want to forget the bread at the grocery store? Post-it Notes.

Want to keep track of why your neighbor keeps giving you dirty looks? Post-it Notes.

I use my Post-it Notes for work; I run my own business out of my home, so there’s nothing better than Post-it Notes to help me remember.
 Never mind the string around your finger. Just write what you want to remember on a Post-it Note, then affix it to your handbag or briefcase. Then you're never forget anything.
 The new World of Color collections is a great addition to the Post-it Brand. They are still the handy supplies you love, but now the colors are even more vibrant and there are different packages to represent the different areas of the world including Bora Bora, Bali, and New York.  You can get your notes in original square designs or larger packs with lines. The shaped die-cut designs are even more fun. My kids love finding a heart in their lunch box with a little note on it.
The Fiskars Scissors are another great addition to our supplies. Whether it's for back to school projects or getting eBay packages ready to ship, there are scissors that are perfect for everyone. Their safety scissors are perfect for little fingers to grip. Their larger scissors can cut through anything, but still have cool designs on the handle. 
Thanks to Post-it Brand and Fiskars, we are all ready to get the new school year started. 


VickeC said...

we use a lot of post its and so do my grown kids in their jobs

Anonymous said...

On Lu's school supply list the teacher specifically asked for Fiskars scissors and they were hard to find! They were all picked over.

And I am the Queen of Post It Notes. I buy them in bulk.

Rebecca Williams said...

I love Post It notes. I use them on a daily basis

Sarah Matos said...

Love post its! Use them daily.

Karen Propes said...

I love post it's. I have been using for a long time. I take post it notes and write on the bottom of a pack, little hey's and have a good day for my Granddaughter. She loves it, and draws me a picture back on the note. But that's just one way. Working and family notes wih out post its would be horrible, needing magnets and pins and tape when it has all that just write and stick. I love the different shapes and colors too!