Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Adrift Gifts - A Suscription Box From the Sea

I live only a few blocks  from bay, and it's only a ten minute drive from my house to the ocean. I love living so close to the water and can't imagine it being any other way.  There are always so many amazing treasures to be discovered. Since not everyone has the luxury of walking to the beach each day, Adrift Gifts is bringing the beach to you! Every month, Adrift Gifts finds  another seaside location and shares some of its magic with you.

For September, Adrift Gifts sailed off to Florida and they certainly found some amazing items. From a trendy bag to exotic shells, there was a little of everything inside. All of these gifts from the sea arrived beautifully packaged in a box about the size of a shoe box.  Here's a little about each of the items I received.

This is an adorable notepad that reads "The Beach Is My Happy Place".  It has a picture of a turtle and the lines you write on look like waves which is pretty unique.

Bring a piece of the beach home with you with this bag of sand from Venice, FL.

 If you have something you want to say, try sending it out in this message in a bottle.

 This beautiful starfish comes with a canvas bag with an anchor design.

This is a gorgeous jumbo-size sand dollar. I have found a few of these on my beach, but never a whole one and never one this big!

This little bag with a map of Florida is the perfect way to store all your seaside treasures or to carry around for a night on the town.

This is my favorite piece from this month's box. I'm pretty sure it's coral, but it also looks like a batch of shells. Either way, it's a truly stunning piece and a wonderful way to bring the majesty of the ocean home with you.

Even though I have my own beach, I love getting a chance to see what other seaside towns have to offer. Adrift Gifts is a fun way to travel the world without every leaving the comfort of  your home.  If you'd like to learn more about Adrift Gifts and all they have to offer, be sure to visit their website or follow them via social media.

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