Monday, August 31, 2015

Garage Parking Aid - Review

Parking Blocks, Parking Stops, Parking Curbs, Curb Stops, Car Stops, whatever name you know them by, recycled plastic and rubber parking lot blocks have revolutionized parking lot construction and maintenance. No longer are you stuck using heavy and difficult to install concrete blocks. Now you have choices!

In addition to being light enough that one person can install them (without heavy rental equipment), plastic and rubber parking blocks aren't affected by the weather, making them virtually maintenance free.

Parking in a home garage can be exceptionally tricky – space is tight and typically lined with valuables. If there’s a teen driver, a senior, or an overworked parent at home, an accident may be a matter of time. Keep your garage clean and well lit, and simplify the parking process with a garage parking aid. These basic devices run about $10-$40 and most do not require installation.

Our Thoughts

When parking in the garage or parking in a spot that you're wanting to keep some space between you and something else, this Parking Aid comes in handy! For us, we just moved into a new home and are  unfamiliar with not only the garage spacing but the spot that we are parking Helga, our RV. To alleviate the issue of not being familiar with where we should stop our vehicles, we have been using wooden 2x4s but those 2x4s are no match for Helga as it's real easy to run them over with the larger wheels. 

The Parking Aid is great for knowing where to park Helga though. They are sturdy and high enough profile for us to be able to know for sure where they were placed. These have been so nice because not only do they stop the wheel where it needs to be but it also makes sure that we are in the same spot so we don't inadvertently move too close to the house or too close to the property line. 

The Parking aid is made of recycled materials and is rubber. It also has reflective tape on it so you can see it when the driveway or garage is not lit.  As time goes on, I'm sure that we will need more of these as the kids get their licenses (not that I want to think about that...) and as we organize the garage more. I highly recommend them from the Traffic Safety Store! 

To see more of what the Traffic Safety Store offers, visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+


Jerry Marquardt said...

I think that this parking aid to help you stop from going too far is a great way to ensure that you don't accidentally do damage anywhere you need to stop going too far.