Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ergo Chef Prodigy Knife

Ergo Chef Prodigy Series 8” Chef Knife- a superior knife for the home cook or professional without spending a fortune
When it comes to prepping, chopping and outdoor grilling, every chef needs a knife that  can handle large food. It needs to deliver unmatched performance, be made with exceptional quality, while feeling comfortable in a chef’s hand. The Prodigy Series 8” Chef Knife by Ergo Chef meets these expectations and more. It boasts an ergonomic non-slip grip handle over a full steel tang for strength and balance, so cutting is effortless. Its lighter weight provides easy handling and control. Best of all, the 8” Chef Knife has a reasonable price point that all chefs will approve of.  Any way you slice, chop or dice it, the Ergo Chef 8” knife is the smartest choice for every cook from novice to professional.

  • High carbon stainless steel
  • Ergonomic patented angled handle
  • Hollow ground blade reducing friction for easier cuts
  • Precision sharp 18-degree cutting edge
$24.99 at
When the summer festivities end and the holidays draw near, don’t forget the Prodigy Series 8” Chef Knife makes a great tool for turkey and ham carving!

Ergo Chef Co-founder Scott Staib knows knives. After his career was sidelined due to carpal tunnel syndrome, he enlisted the help of his engineer brother, Mike, to help him come up with a solution. They worked tirelessly with designers, engineers, culinary professors and countless chefs to create a line of professional grade knives that would be a true extension of a chef’s hand. After three weeks of using their new ergonomically created design, Scott’s persistent tendonitis and carpal tunnel symptoms disappeared, and Ergo Chef was born. Experience the Ergo difference for yourself at

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My Thoughts
I was very impressed with this knife. Getting it out of the package was a little tough and I was careful not to cut myself because the blade was very sharp. In my hand, the knife was light, yet comfortable. I felt like I could control it as used it.

I tried cutting a variety of things with this knife, from vegetables, fruit, and meats. I had no issue cutting any of these. The blade went right through with ease and I didn't have to add any force like I have to with some knives. In fact, it glides through very smoothly that I found myself really liking this knife.

Washing was easy. I had washed it the first few times. It dried without spots and stayed shiny. I can tell a lot of work went into designing this knife. It's a good investment and will be a knife you'll be happy to have, especially if you have any wrist issues.