Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bratz Are Back!

The iconic pop culture brand Bratz is back!

Famous for its creative take on girl’s fashion, Bratz has been reimagined to reflect the trends of today and is poised to be every bit as trend-setting as the original collection was back in 2001.

Taking cues from pop-culture buzz words and trends, the new line includes outfits and accessories themed around Selfies, world travels, winter sports and even emojis. The revamped Bratz dolls will also give girls the chance to create their own outfits with a C.I.Y. Shoppe design tool that provides an immersive and interactive experience to truly express themselves and create their own worlds.

My Thoughts

Bratz  are one of my daughter's favorite fashion dolls, and the new collection is a wonderful addition to the family. We got to try out the Yasmin doll and she is just adorable.  She comes in a pair of patchwork  jeans and an adorable daisy shirt. She even has her own guitar. She's totally Boho and I love that.  The clothes are easy to take on and off, and all the pieces are large enough that they won't get lost easily. 

What sets this doll apart is her fun  accessories. She comes with a variety of  cute jewelry and a peace-sign handbag that really opens and closes. The bag is a great place to store the accessories when they're not in use. She also comes with a nice brush to style her long, beautiful hair.  I also love the way the shoes are built into their feet. When I was a kid, I always lost my dolls' shoes, but they never happens with Bratz. 

One of the things I really love about these dolls is that they are dressed appropriately.  With so many fashion dolls in fishnet stockings and platform shoes, I appreciate how these look so sweet and innocent. They are perfect for younger girls. Their hair is soft and easy to brush, and doesn't tangle as easily as some other dolls. These are just all around high quality dolls available at a great price. 


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