Monday, August 10, 2015

Back to School with One Step Ahead

 If you're looking for some fun and unique products for the back-to-school season, be sure to stop by One Step Ahead. I was already a fan of their amazing line of Bug Smarties Playwear, but now I have even more to love about them. From cozy cushions to snuggle into with a book to the perfect lunch time accessories, they have just want to need to make the new school year a fun adventure.

My daughter received several awesome goodies from One Step Ahead. The first was the pink Athletic Bag. This bag is perfect for gym clothes or for kids who are active in sports. It's just the right size to store a pair of sneakers and a change of clothes. It would also be handy for overnights with grandma, and who might even borrow it for the grown up gym. The bag is very well made, with tight seams. It even has a nice interior liner that allows you to separate the clean clothes from the dirty clothes.  It's just an all around great bag. Plus, you can opt to have it personalized. 

We were also lucky enough to try out the Sandwich and Snack Keepers. As a green mom, I love the idea of having a reusable container for my sandwiches and snacks because it creates less waste, but that is only one of the great features. The plastic container snaps shut, keeping the sandwich secure even when it gets jostled around inside the box. The airtight container also keeps bread fresher than plastic or paper bags. They are compact enough to fit inside of most lunchboxes and since they come in several adorable designs, both boys and girls are happy.

Last but not least, you can't help but love the Tear Drop Bean Bag. This adorable seat is the perfect place for kids to do their homework or just  relax and unwind after they get home from school. The bag is filled with tiny Styrofoam balls. The balls are sealed in plastic, and can be removed from the bean bag so the material can be washed if necessary. My daughter just loved her beanbag chair and has been lounging in it daily. These can also be personalized. 

These are only  a few examples of the adorable clothing available at One Step Ahead. If you'd like to learn more about One Step Ahead and all their fabulous back to school products, be sure to visit their website or follow them via social media.

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