Saturday, July 25, 2015

Zoonicorn Review

Zoonicorns™ are much more than adorable, plush characters for children to love.  They are comforting, sleep time companions that help children feel safe and secure at bedtime—and beyond!   Zoonicorns help kids catch some Zzzzs!

Zoonicorns (half zebra, half unicorn) are magical, plush creatures that are enhanced by a coordinating book series.  In these stories, Zoonicorns visit young zoo animals helping them discover important life lessons through imagination and adventure, all in the land of dreams.  Anxious children feel relieved to know that even if their parents can’t meet them in their dreams, their Zoonicorn can! Plus, children will enjoy hours of reading and playtime where their own Zoonicorn comes to life in the story!

Valeo (Blue): The Zoonicorn leader who overcomes his shyness when meeting new friends and loves hanging out with his buddies near the Africa exhibits!

Promithea (Purple): Reliable and shy, Promithea epitomizes intelligence and gentleness and is the perfect secret keeper for all of her pals.

Aliel (Pink): Spunky, fun, and always zooming at full speed, Aliel is friends with every animal at the zoo and makes a great companion for any child too!

Ene (Green): A charming practical joker who loves mischief and his naps! Great for snuggling.

Our Thoughts

My youngest daughter loves unicorns and her favorite is blue, so I was excited to surprise her with these Zoonicorns. She went nuts when she saw them all and both her and my older daughter are in love with these. They have multiple names each and my kids literally spend hours playing in "imagination land" making up all sorts of cute things to be and do with their Zoonicorns. My oldest daughter enjoys reading the book to her younger sister, of course this is after they have the bed set up with a million pillows and all the Zoonicorns! A very easy read that they both love.

Each Zoonicorn is the perfect size to fit in their backpacks, they take them everywhere. The colors are bright, which makes them fun to play with for my kids. Easily washable, as with three kids they've already gotten all sorts of gunk on them from around the house.

Of all the stuffed animals my kids have, the Zoonicorns have been the biggest hit ever, moreso than I thought they would be. I love having them around for my girls who sleep with too! Also, my infant gets a kick out of playing with them and tickling his face with their hair. 

These little creatures are adorable and teach great life lessons with the meaning and personality of each one!

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Reviewed by Jackie