Saturday, July 25, 2015

Toasted or Roasted - The Perfect Camping Game

 A long-standing bonfire tradition, toasting marshmallows over the fire is a relaxing way to end a backyard summer barbecue, and they make a delicious dessert. Now, Education Outdoors has transformed the process of lighting the fire, finding the right stick and toasting the marshmallow into a new family game. Toasted or Roasted is an offensive/defensive game where players try to be the first to start their campfire and toast three marshmallows. But watch out for Roasty because he will burn the marshmallows to a crisp.
 My Thoughts
The perfect game for camping! This one is so simple! And kids will want to play this over and over again!
To play you deal out the said number of cards, and you must get a fire starter to light your camp fire, but look out! Someone can put it out if they have the strong wind card, and you have to start all over. Once you get your campfire started you can put your marshmallow on and toast it. The first person to have three toasted cards wins the game. Your opponents can either roast your marshmallow or put your fire out with rain.
It's competitive and fun. Be prepared for the kids to want to play this with real marshmallows over a real fire! Of course with adult supervision only! The packaging is perfect to put in with the camping gear as it's in a bag that seals. Everything is there and ready to play!



Elizabeth Hostetler said...

Looks like a fun game to take on a camping trip or to play at any time!

alissa apel said...

This does look like a fun game. My youngest son and I play games all the time.