Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Journey of the Heroic Parent

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There are a lot of parenting books that tell you what to do—this isn’t one of them. When a child is spiraling out of control, parents desperately turn to experts for a clear answer—a surefire solution to the question “What can I do to fix my child?” However, asking how to change your child is not the right question. 

In his groundbreaking book, THE JOURNEY OF THE HEROIC PARENT: Your Child’s Struggle & The Road Home (Regan Arts, April 21, 2015), Dr. Brad M. Reedy provides a process that helps parents find their own wisdom that is hidden beneath the guilt, fear, and shame. This is not another expert-therapist doling out the latest advice. Instead, it is a way for parents to discover how to think about their decisions when raising children. The result of healthy parenting is not well-behaved children but rather peace, clarity, and confidence as a human being. The parenting tools Dr. Reedy provides changes parents, not children, and that change has a profound impact on families. 

Brad M. Reedy, PhD, father of four, is a wilderness therapist who knows the helplessness a parent feels when their child suddenly becomes hostile or unreachable, whether due to addiction, a mood disorder, depression, an eating disorder, bullying, or adolescent hormones. With unique insight and empathy, Dr. Reedy can help all the baffled, exasperated, anxious, and suffering parents by offering this fresh perspective. 

Parents will learn: 
  • How to be more of an intentional parent.
  • How to teach children to feel—and how to develop the capacity to sit with your children in their pain.  
  • How to uncover the ways in which your childhood affected your parenting style, however subtle—and then how to make conscious, positive changes in how you parent.   
  • How to let go of control while increasing your influence with your children.
  • How to communicate expectations and enforce consequences for behavior without the damaging side effects of shame and guilt.
  • How to listen to your children and thus provide them with the most critical ingredient in self-esteem—the experience of being heard.

My thoughts:

This is a great book that is loaded with a lot of valuable/helpful information for anyone raising a child or children.  

There are ten chapters that touch on many different subjects.  You can either read the book from front to back or look at the sections in each chapter to see if there is something that hits home and you want to read first.  Chapter five actually was one of my favorites chapters in this book, which is Tools for encouraging change in our children.  Although I liked reading through the other chapters.  I can promise that there is something in this book that everyone will be able to connect with.

Brad M. Reedy, Phd writes in a simple easy to read and understand format.  And i know that this will be my go to book since I have more than one child.  It will help me come to grips with my children's behavior and how I can connect with them and help.