Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Strike a Pose with Liquido Activewear

 About the Company

Liquido was created in 2001 by a family in São Paulo, Brazil, and is an activewear clothing company that specializes in creating fabulous and functional pieces. 

Liquido is known for designing limited edition, all day activewear that can seamlessly transition throughout the different phases of one’s day, making their products exclusive and irresistible to those who want to make a statement in their activewear. New Limited Edition prints are released throughout the year and all production processes are sweatshop-free. The name Liquido was chosen because, just as water is essential to life, the founders of Liquido believe good clothing is a bare necessity that all people deserve. 

Since Liquido’s inception, yogi and entrepreneur, Renata Facchini, has brought the brand to Australia and the United States. Liquido now offers everything from yoga pants to high-impact sports bras, and distributes worldwide. The brand is coveted by those in the know in both the fitness and fashion industries.

My Thoughts

My daughter is really into fitness, especially yoga, so she was super excited to test out the Liquido Active leggings. These pants are made using spandex and conform perfectly to your body, allowing you to bend and twist into even the most advanced yoga poses with ease, and you never feel sticky or sweaty because it absorbs sweat and dries quickly. They're so comfortable, you could even sleep in them. They are very well-made with tight stitching. They can be machine washed in cold water without any fading and hold their form without shrinking when line-dried.

In addition to being functional,  the Liquido Leggings come in tons of fashion forward colors that appeal to teens and adults alike. We picked out the Twisted Sister pattern which is like paisley design in teal, silver, and white. My daughter loves the bright colors and fashion forward design. Of course, the pants we received are only one example of the beautiful  apparel you can find at  Liquido  They also have shorts, tops, accessories, and more.  Here are a few other items on my wish list.

To view their full collection, be sure to visit the the Liquido website. They offer free shipping on all orders over $150 so its a great time to upgrade your fitness wardrobe. To keep up with future products and promotions, follow them via their social media.

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