Friday, July 10, 2015

Let Go of Stess with The Calm Box - #Discount Code

The Calm Box is a brand new subscription service that sends you a selection of products each month that are designed to help you destress. I love this box and the positive message it sends. All the items inside are  affirming tools that will not only make your day a little brighter, but help you grow spiritually on a more permanent level.

The Calm Box arrived beautifully packaged and is filled with an amazing selection of gifts. One of the things that I really loved is that the box came with four little cards with inspirational reminders. They were titled Remember, Visualize, Listen, and Breathe. These are easy steps we can take to improve our day, but sometimes we need a reminder, and these cards give us that. They are the perfect size to stick in your wallet whenever you need a little pick me up. But that's only the beginning of what you'll receive. Here are the rest of the goodies that came in the July box.

White Candle - Perfect for a meditation focal point or just a soothing white light.

Yogi Tea - Four calming teabags that taste like heaven and help  sooth even the most frazzled nerves.

Pure Organic Chocolate Brownie Bar - A decadent chocolate treat you won't have to feel guilty about indulging in.

Black Note Book and Pencil - Writing down your thoughts is the perfect way to release pent up stress and this set is a great way to accomplish that. It would also be a nice book for dream journaling.

Boho Necklace - This stunning necklace is the perfect way to lift your spirits.

Zen And the Art of Happiness - This a great book, especially for those new to Zen.

Gemstones - This is my favorite item in this box. This is a set of eight beautiful polished gemstones. It even includes a card with the names and meanings of each stone. 

You get all this for only $35! That price even includes shipping! I've tried lots of subscription boxes, but The Calm Box has definitely made it to my top five favorites.  I really love the theme and the amazing new age products inside that are both inspirational and healing in nature. This is truly a box that will help to invigorate your mind, body, and soul.

***Discount Code***

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