Monday, July 6, 2015

Food Review : Red's Burritos

I'm really picky with my diet (Organics all the way), so when I saw that Red's had some Organic options, I jumped at the chance to try them. Unfortunately, the ones I came across in the stores near me were their non-organic ones. Out of 12 varieties, only 3-4 were available in my local Publix stores (and I tried several). My husband, who is less picky with his diet, ended up trying two kinds: steak and cheese and chicken and cheese. 

He loved the steak and cheese one the best, since he's a huge red-meat lover and would happily get one again. Still, he was pleased with the taste of the chicken and cheese version as well. The burritos held together well for the most part, although the chicken and cheese one came apart in the microwave. After it was folded again, the burrito stayed in one piece and wasn't messy at all, which can be a problem sometimes for frozen foods like this. 

While the brand is Natural (a label which has no official legal guidelines), it uses dairy free of rGBH and the animals they source are hormone and antibiotic-free. The brand also doesn't use preservatives-- a step in a positive direction for pre-packaged foods.

Overall, they get points for being tasty and well-made but but lose some with a lack of variety available in stores.

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