Friday, July 31, 2015

Bumkin wet bag for your wet clothes

Bumkins has everything parents need before taking off for their summer family vacation. The Wet/Dry Bags are great for beach days, keeping wet and soiled clothes separated.

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My Thoughts

The Bumkins wet bag is roughly 12 inches wide and 14 inches long. It's perfect to stuff into a bag for wet and soiled clothes. I tested the bag with a wet cloth and the liquid didn't seep through. I'm not sure how air tight this bag is, but it didn't leave a smell when I removed the clothes.

I also liked that the bag was machine washable, so if you had something really icky in there, you could just drop it into the wash with the dirty clothes and get it washed.

There is a strap on the bag with a button, so you can latch it on to something such as a stroller handle. The bag seems very versatile. The craftsmanship of the bag was good too. No out of place stitching and it doesn't look cheap. A well made and durable bag.