Saturday, July 25, 2015

Book Review : Five Steps to Enlightenment

Mark Aspa’s core teaching is that we are already the perfect Self, we have been this perfect Self from birth and will be until death and beyond. We simply have to realise it! As we follow the path of Self-enlightenment, a journey of unsurpassed joy unfolds. The awareness of the temporarily hidden, but ever-present inner dimension of peace and joy reveals itself to our heart. To aid this realisation, you will find many practical lessons to help you feel at peace and kindle your joy. You will be inspired to think and feel and act in new ways, as you discover the sweetness of the fountain of love within. You simply have to follow the directions and watch as a new world of understanding takes birth in you. The book portrays the five steps to attain the highest aim in life, which is to know who we really are. You will come to know the answers to these often neglected questions: What is my true self? What is the meaning of life? What is my life purpose? Why is this universe here? ‘I can guarantee that in time you will find the answers and know your peaceful Self, because I and many others have done so - and I know that you are Divine. With inspiring teaching, advice how to pray and meditate, positive thinking and visualisation exercises, scientific research and humourous anecdotes, make Five Steps to Enlightenment your guide to a happier, more peaceful and confident you!

My Thoughts

I enjoyed this book. Simple to follow this book is really just about getting back to Self. Being positive is something that we forget about today. We are so busy and allow so much to separate us from our true purpose. This book really teaches you how to love yourself and to remember that positivity goes a long way!

There are grey areas in the book that point out exercises and the like. You really have to make time for yourself, and time for these things. Praying, mediating, etc. I'm excited to read this book again, and really engage this time and be active to remembering my true purpose.

All in all this book is one to recommend to someone really wondering what life is all about.