Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Back to School Must Have - Paul Mitchell Limited Edition Rose Gold Express Ion Smooth Kit

When my daughter heads back to school, she wants to go there with straight, silky hair.  The  Paul Mitchell Limited Edition Rose Gold Express Ion Smooth Kit is the perfect way to achieve it.  We gave it a shot with my teenage daughter and were amazed at the results. Her hair is very thick and frizzy. She always has little flyaways that curl up and drive her crazy. No matter how much she brushes it, it always looks tangled and messy after a few hours. The Paul Mitchell flat iron changed all that. 

 Since my hair is poker straight naturally, I've never needed to use a flat iron before and I was worried it might be difficult. This wasn't the case with the Barbar. It heats up within seconds, reaching temperatures of 410 degrees in only 60 seconds. You can see the temperature and adjust it easily so it isn't too hot or too cold. The numbers are digital so they are clear and easy to read. It also has an automatic shut off  feature which comes in handy if you have a forgetful teen who might walk away and leave it plugged in.

When you actually use the flat iron, it's not much different than a clothes iron. Just gather a few strands of hair and glide them between the plates. It straightens outs even the most obstinate hair. You may see a little steam come up, especially if hair is still damp. It only takes about 15-20 minutes for us to do my daughter's hair, but this will vary depending on length and thickness. When you're done, your hair is straight, silky and beautiful. Just take a look at the difference it made for my daughter. 

 When you're all done, the device cools off just as quickly as it heats up. It's small and compact for easy storage. Ours fits inside my daughter's large makeup bag.   As an added, bonus, the set comes with a great brush that you can carry with you to keep your perfect look going all day long. Both pieces are a beautiful rose color that my daughter loves.  Plus it's such high quality, I'm sure it will outlast the cheaper brands.

The  Paul Mitchell Limited Edition Rose Gold Express Ion Smooth Kit is available online at Loxa Beauty for only $104.99 with free shipping!


VickeC said...

this looks so nice I would love to try this on my hair

alissa apel said...

I could use a new one of these. I use mine often when I have longer hair.