Friday, June 26, 2015

Tube Heroes - Online Gamers Inspire New Toy Collection

Conquering the digitalverse is no small task, but Tube Heroes are up to the challenge. A revolutionary collaboration between Jazwares, LLC, a leader in toy and entertainment innovation, and today’s hottest digital media personalities, Tube Heroes harnesses the passions and social media prowess of these popular personas in a collection of toys that enable fans to interact with their online favorites offline as well.


One of this year’s most anticipated new brands, Tube Heroes boasts a power-packed portfolio of cyber celebrities representing the best in online entertainment. The debut collection includes action figures, plush toys and role play accessories inspired by some of the world’s most popular online personalities in the video gaming arena. Nearly 40 YouTube superstars make up the initial Tube Heroes roster including Captain Sparklez, Sky, JeromeASF, AshleyMariee, Exploding TNT, AntVenom, CavemanFilms and more. Together, these stars share a combined visibility of more than 18 billion views and 83 million subscribers. 

Looking ahead, Jazwares plans to expand the Tube Heroes portfolio with the addition of toys inspired by social stars from other arenas such as comedy, fashion and sports. Jazwares is collaborating with an array of online personalities to develop a diverse selection of product offerings that will appeal to a broad fan base.

To learn more about Tube Heroes, visit Items now available at Toys R US and coming soon to mass merchandise retailers. For more information about all of Jazwares’ current lines, please visit

My Thoughts

I rarely look at YouTube and I haven't touched a video game since the original Mario Brothers came out, but I have a 12-year-old who aspires to be a professional YouTube gamer someday.  Because of him, some of these names were instantly familiar and I knew these collectibles would be a great gift for his birthday next week. 

Captain Sparklez in one of my son's favorite YouTubers, and he just loved the selection of Tube Hero products featuring his hero. He received three different pieces, and of course they will remain in the box with tags in place for the next forty years. 

With the life-size slime sword, Captain Sparkles can morph into any shape, and now kids can use their imagination and achieve the same goals.  The sword is very lightweight plastic so it's easy to carry and doesn't bend or break easily.

This mini action figure set  comes complete with Captain Sparkles, Jerry Slime, the slime sword, and a shield. The glasses are even removable.

This Captain Sparkles is a huggable plush that makes for a great collectible. Who needs beanie babies when you have Tube Heroes?

All three of the toys are very well made with tons of intricate detail. It's so cool for my son to see his idols converted into collectable figures.  Now his new goal is to someday see his own face on Tube Heroes.  If you'd like to learn more about Tube Hereos and all they have to offer, be sure to visit their website or follow them via social media.

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VickeC said...

I have 8 grandsons that would totally love playing with these

Lisa Queen said...

Tube Heros sound like they are going to be the must haves this Christmas. My 4 grandsons will love them I'm sure!

william gossage said...

My kids would love these toys.

Elizabeth H said...

My great nephew would love this!!

M Clark said...

Very interesting, I guess it's great for people like your son who enjoy You Tube. Thank you for sharing this review.

Ona Archer said...

My grandsons would enjoy playing with these!

Denise Low said...

Never seen these before. But my grandsons would want them.

Anita Kennett said...

My grandson with love this,thanks so much for sharing.

alissa apel said...

Those are pretty fun! I like the style of the characters.