Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Treat Your Favorite Graduate to a Vanilla Visa Gift Card

For many parents of high school seniors, these last few months are bittersweet. The search for the perfect prom dress, paired with a flawless up-do and shoes. Planning the ultimate graduation party full of blow-up fun houses, catered delights and chocolate fountains. Watching your once dependent child stride across stage and swing their tassel from right to left diploma in hand. Your independent, young adult is college bound.

For most freshmen, college is a bit of a reality check. They are no longer the big guys on campus, they are but mere little fish in a vast pond. Although it is nearly impossible to hold their hands while they take the next step into adulthood, you can send them off with a few pointers. Do your homework as it is assigned, make friends with your RA, don’t eat the nightly special at the cafeteria, and learn to budget your money, after all, lunch money handouts no longer exist.

Vanilla Gift Cards are the perfect gift to send high school grads off to school with. Vanilla Gift Cards are not only safer than carrying cash but they protect against fraud and identity theft in that they are not connected to a bank account. If the card is lost or stolen, simply call and report the issue and a replacement will be sent with the amount that remained on it at the time it was lost.

My Thoughts 

I don't know any college graduates this year, but I do have one child graduating from sixth grade and  another about to embark on the road to high school. When its comes to shopping for teens and tweens this graduation season, there's definitely no better choice than a Vanilla Gift Card.   Even when I'm shopping for my own children, I can't keep up with the new fads and gadgets they're interested in. If I try to buy them a gift, its almost always out of style or obsolete before they take it out of the box.  With a Vanilla Visa, this will never be an issue. 

The Vanilla Visa Gift Card is as good as cash to the person receiving it, but in many ways, it's even better. When I was a kid, all my great aunts and uncles who couldn't make it to my high school graduation sent cards with cash in the mail. Luckily, they all made it to me, but you're always taking a risk when you send cash in the mail. Even checks can be dangerous. If they fall into the wrong hands, someone could have access to your account. A Vanilla Visa is a secure way to give the gift of cold hard cash. The funds are applied to the card, and it works just like a credit card in retailers all across the country. My daughter loves getting them because she can also use them to shop online without having to ask me for my credit card. This allows your favorite graduate to treat themselves to something special without having to worry. If the card is lost, you simply call them or go online to request a replacement.

In addition to being a great gift, the cards also look fabulous. The one my daughter received has a pretty red box with lots of glitter.  There's even a To/From area to fill out on the back.  To make things even more convenient, you can find Vanilla  Gift Cards almost anywhere. I see them in almost every store I shop in right in the checkout line. So, even if you're a word class procrastinator, you can grab a card on your way to the graduation ceremony. Vanilla Visa has you covered! 

If you'd like to learn more about the Vanilla gift cards or find a location near you that sells them, be sure to visit the Vanilla Visa website. This graduation season, give kids the cash they really need to get started on their new path in life. Whether they're heading to middle school, high school, college, or facing the real world for the first time, you can't go wrong with a Vanilla Gift Card.