Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stylish Mode Headbands

Rebecca, owner of Stylish Mode, has a passion for creativity. She started Stylish Mode back in 2007 when she was on the hunt for the perfect headband, and ended up sewing her own.

Rebecca believes that headbands don't just hold your hair back, they add that pretty feminine compliment to our outfits that make us unique. It's about wearing the best quality headbands around, standing out like a well made suit. It's about creating your own personal sense of style, that make those around you smile and say "hi".

Back in 2009 Rebecca was honored to have had her handmade keychains featured in Woman's World magazine.

She has a love for all things colorful, fabrics with retro prints and flowers, and is a self-proclaimed animal print addict. Have a look through the shop, you'll see these themes carry on over into the handmade headbands available on the site.

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My Thoughts
These bands were very soft and super comfortable when I wore them. Unlike other head bands that have given me a headache, I could wear these without getting pain around my ear or slipping off my head throughout the day. These stayed put. They were very light weight and just felt good while wearing them. I was able to choose 2 designs from their website to review and choosing just two was hard.

There is a small elastic part (photo above) that gives this the ability to stretch. The material is stretchy as well. The stitching is great on these, I couldn't find anything out of place, so definitely a good quality. 

The bands are wide, so if you were to wear these out running and it was chilly outside, they could easily cover your ears and keep your hair out of your face with no problems. While I haven't washed mine, I would think you could put these into a pillow case and toss in the washer when they get to sweaty if you use them working out. I'd air dry just to be safe. 

Over all, excellent headbands. I think I will be ordering more because there are a ton to choose from, as well as other styles besides the two I chose. They also have turban headbands, and tie yourself headbands.