Saturday, June 6, 2015

Paisley & Mandala Coloring Books for Adults Review

Four new activity books from Skyhorse Publishing will allow parents to join their children during playtime, allowing them to temporarily put aside their worries and reignite their imagination.
Paisleys: Coloring for Everyone, Paisleys: Coloring for Artists, Mandalas: Coloring for Everyone, and Mandalas: Coloring for Artists are the perfect activity books for parents to enjoy with their children!

Since 2013, coloring books targeted to adults have topped bestselling charts, selling more than 1.4 million copies in over twenty-two languages. Skyhorse’s four books, the only adult coloring books on the market with perforations, will allow budding artists to gift or display their beautiful creations! With a tremendous capacity to combat stress, it’s no surprise that adult coloring books have become the biggest trend! 

This four-book series features vibrant illustrations and detailed introductions highlighting the history of both the paisley and mandala motifs. Eleven pages of full-color designs illustrate, for the beginner or advanced artist, the design and coloring typical of these ancient patterns. Easy-to-follow steps reveal how artists can draw mandalas and paisleys freehand or via their computer.

Our Thoughts

I love to color, always have. I just don't get that same peaceful feeling when coloring a princess coloring book with my daughters though. Doodling designs, much like henna, is something I love, but to have a coloring book with premade designs in them is awesome.

Each page has a beautiful, intricately designed paisley or mandala. It's hard to color in a book because of the binding, so these books were made with perforated pages so you can (EASILY!) tear them out and color on a flat surface, which, aside from the designs themselves, is probably my most favorite feature.

Some designs have bigger markings, and are real simple to color. Some of the designs are very very tiny, and even the smallest coloring pencil tip of mine just doesn't get it as good as I want it to, but it is still fun to do in any case. 

You can make the colors bold or soft, and if done with a good eye, these can easily be framed and placed on the wall as art, the designs are that pretty.

Doing any type of repetitive activity with your hands is very therapeutic. I love to play some zen music in the background and sit with my daughters while we all color, my mind just wanders, it is a lovely relaxation experience!

Reviewed by Jackie