Friday, June 26, 2015

MP Invite Bandz Party Invitation Wristbands

"Product was received for free in exchange for an honest review."

Marked Private Invite Bandz are an all-encompassing online party planning tool that combines a physical invitation with an online social experience around any party or special event. It's an invite, online fun and  thank you all in one. Marked Private's online social invite and uniquely coded collectible silicone bands are designed to be both safe and exciting. Hosts as young as 7 are able to safely plan and interact with guests on their custom and private party page. Host's can personalize their unique party portal adding photos and videos, themed backgrounds and stickers. Guests use their private code to access the party page so they can get all the party details, RSVP, take party polls, chat and share photos and videos before and after the party.  Not only is this hub a well-rounded party planning tool - it is also an engaging social networking site with polls, games and chat where all previous party attendees can stay connected in one place. It's the party before and after party!

My thoughts:

My eleven year and her best friend had a lot of fun with these.  They created a beach party and were super excited to put the invite online for their friends to RSVP once they received their Invite Bandz with the code to go on.  My eleven year went on daily and would change Pics.  

These are really cute, and is a great way to see your child/children show their creative side.  It is something that my daughter would love to do again.  My eight year old son now wants these for his birthday party invites.