Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Boppy Body Pillow Review

For the past 25 years mothers have relied on the Boppy pillow for support for their babies. It not only provides a comfortable position for mother and baby during nursing, it also serves as a cozy seat for baby to rest on by himself.  In addition, it helps keep baby perfectly situated during tummy time.

Today, the Boppy Company has another must-have item--the Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow. This body pillow has become an indispensable item for pregnant moms because it provides total support from head to toe. The customizable three-piece design cradles the back and belly for moms of all sizes and at each stage of pregnancy, alleviating back, hip and joint pain so mom can get the rest she needs

The Boppy Company believes in empowering mothers-to-be, so they are excited to announce their partnership with First Candle—a trusted leader in infant health and survival. Together, they are working to educate moms-to-be on how to foster healthy habits during pregnancy. Their new Pregnant and Empowered - Kicks Count! Program has one mission: making sure all babies survive and thrive.  Starting in April 2015, each Custom Fit Total Body Pillow sold at Babies “R” Us will include information on how to perform a kicks count daily regimen as well as provide additional information on healthy prenatal care for mom and baby.  Look for the round sticker on the outside of the package.

Supporting moms since 1989, The Boppy Company is proud to partner with First Candle.  First Candle has been taking the lead to prevent sudden causes of infant death since 1987 with research, education, advocacy and family support.

Our Thoughts

I am a short person and this is a long pillow! It definitely covers from head to toe for me. It's lightweight and breathable, very squishy. We all know that pregnant women tend to get very hot so it's a good thing the material isn't "thick" to raise our body temperatures even more. The pieces come apart, as shown in the above picture. They stick together via velcro, I haven't found it to be too strong, so they come apart on me a lot. Most of the time I just split the pieces in two and use the head piece and the longer leg piece for hip support.

The inner material is so nice to lay your head on, it's hard to see how it's very supportive because of how much it smashes down, but it really does do the job. I can lay my son on it as well and he loves it as a pillow, it doesn't make him look like he has a stiff neck from laying on a harder pillow. 

For those of you who are shorter, like me, you can use the bottom leg piece as a body pillow on it's own. I flip it around and I have head and arm support, and it's long enough (or I'm short enough) that it extends for me to place between my knees for pelvic support. This pillow is very useful, I don't have to sleep with five different pillows now!

Buy yours here and don't forget to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!  The Bopppy Body Pillow is also available on Amazon.

Reviewed by Jackie


VickeC said...

my daughter in law has 2 babies and is expecting another is a few months she breast feeds so this would be nice for her

Arf2-D2 said...

I'd never thought about having several pieces so it would be adjustable. What a great idea.

Sylve Takajian said...

looks really comfy!