Saturday, June 13, 2015

Book Review : Night Buddies Go Sky High

Young John Degraffenreidt and his red crocodile buddy, Crosley, show up at the Pineapple Cheesecake Factory and find Big Foot Mae lying on the floor, staring up at her Great Star Puzzle on the ceiling. Crosley only wants a new supply of pineapple cheesecakes, but what Mae points to on her ceiling will start the Night Buddies on a totally new fantasy adventure. A suspicious white dot has passed through the Corkscrew Constellation and is now moving underneath the Hound Dog Stars. Across the Borough, Crosley s brother Crenwinkle sees the same curious speck in the sky. It looks to be a long night for sleepyhead John, but thanks to the time spreader dingus with its sleep retardant setting, he gets right into their next escapade. Join the Night Buddies as they embark on another Program, this time taking them all the way into the stratosphere in their racing blimp.

My thoughts:

My eight year old son and I read this together.  I only wish we would have read the first two books first.  
In the beginning of this story, Lizard is in John Grassinreeds room.  It was very funny to read the dialogue of these two characters.  Had my son laughing as I read.  Just before things got to crazy, John's mom knocked on the door to see what all the noise was.  John told her he had to go to the bathroom.  
So John and his Crosley, his red crocodile friend, who rescued him from the Lizard, begin their adventurer as they would call it another program.   And quite an adventure it is for them.  But as they begin  John and Crosley  are hungry for Pineapple Cheesecake and head to the factory, where the owner Big Foot Mae is. Mae was laying and staring at the great star puzzle on the ceiling.  But there is a suspicious white dot passing through Corkscrew Constellation.  So John and Crosley want to find out what that white dot is. 
This is really a cute book for the young. The black sketched drawings through this book are cute also.  I will definitely be reading book one and two, and than this one again, and wait for the fourth to come out.