Saturday, June 20, 2015

Book Review: Fred Pinsocket Loves Bananas

Fred Pinsocket is a little spaceman who just can't get enough of his favorite food! Children and their grown-ups can sing along with Fred as he flies across the galaxy, gathers bananas by the bunch and loads them into his blue and silver rocket.  Fred's adventure comes to life in sturdy, colorful, board book format. Playful illustrations activate children's imaginations and are designed to leave room for exploration and conversation between parents and children.

My thoughts;

My two year old niece loves this book.  We sing the song as we read it.  This is a very colorful board book that will hold a little one's attention, and it isn't very long.  The artwork throughout is adorable.  My eight year old has even took out his crayons and paper to draw the spaceship and like spaceman.  So small children of all ages would love this.  
After all who doesn't love bananas.  After reading this, my two year old niece asked for a banana for a snack and started singing the little spaceman's song "I love bananas".  So not only is this a cute book, it also may have your little one eating a snack that is good for them, like the little spaceman does.  I can see us reading this many more times.