Friday, May 8, 2015

Lighten Your Load with Selestial’s

It’s mind blowing how many toxic chemicals we are exposed to every day and the amount of plastic trash we generate. With the kind of toxic world we live in, you’d think green products would be easy to find but it often requires a trip to specialty/health food market that, as a busy person, you don’t have time for. Now, Selestial is changing the way you go green for good! With the introduction of MYGREENFILLS.COM you can get safe, healthy, eco-friendly home laundry products delivered right to your door saving you time and money while you save the planet! 

The process is simple:

  • Choose your fill: from Unscented Laundry Soap, Color Safe Brightener, Fabric Softener or Enzyme Stain Remover
  • Choose your frequency: Free shipping at intervals that work for you and your family means you never have to run out of your favorite laundry products or waste time running out to the store when supplies are low
  • Mix and Match: You can choose how many refills you want and what products you need. Discounts are available when you buy 3 or more refills at a time. And after your opening order, you will only receive greenfills for the jugs!
  • Delivered right to your door: once you set your delivery schedule you never need to worry again!


Selestial products are great for families with skin sensitivities or allergies. Non-toxic, hypoallergenic and 100% natural with power to boot, your family will have clean and fresh clothes, without any unwanted reactions!

Selestial began in 2008 when the Founder, Ruth, was living the green life before it was the cool thing to do. With children suffering from severe skin allergies, she had a hard time finding products that were both effective and affordable. Meanwhile, Stephen, CEO, was sick of all the toxic chemicals used to clean his home. Mother Nature waved her magic wand and in 2012 Ruth and Stephen met met and joined forces at Selestial with a simple mission: bring affordable, simple and effective eco-friendly laundry cleaning products to families everywhere!

My Thoughts  

No one likes doing laundry, but it has to be done. And if you're going to do it, why not do it with products that are better for your family and the environment. MyGreenRefills offers laundry products that are different than other cleaning supplies. Not only do they work wonders, they are fun to use. You only need to get the starter bottles once, and then refill them with their condensed packets. All you have to do is empty the packets into the jugs, add lukewarm water, and shake. We got to try out several of the products in their Selestial Soap line and they were all amazing.

Unscented Laundry Detergent - My husband hates scented detergent so he really loved this. When I was first tried it, I was a little nervous. After adding the packed to the water, it completely disintegrated, and still looked like it was only water. With no scent, it was hard to believe anything was in there. But after washing my clothes, the difference was clear. It came out soft and fluffy but without any stinky chemical smells.

Fabric Softener - If you like a little scent, this softener gives you that. It's light and natural and makes clothes extra soft. I especially liked this for towels and sheets. They come out super fluffy and soft.

Color Safe Brightener - This one had a more noticeable aroma that smelled a little like bleach but not quite as strong. I used it in both light and dark loads and clothes came out brighter and more vibrant.

Stain Remover- I only had to use this a few times--once for ketchup and once for grass stains. Both times the stains came out of my kids clothes with no trouble.

With six people in my house, we go through a lot of laundry detergent . I have always hated creating so much waste.  But with MyGreenRefills the only trash is the refill packets. The jugs last indefinitely. They offer a wonderful way to stay green, but still allow you to use products that live up to their promises of a true clean. Plus they are affordable for the average household. The refill packets not only help to reduce the cost of cleaning supplies, they also reduce the amount of waste you're creating, making MyGreenRefills the all around best choice for all your laundry needs. You can get started and get a FREE jug now!  To learn more about this fabulous products and all they have to offer, be sure to visit their website or follow them on face book.