Thursday, May 21, 2015

Head to the Beach with Cuddlefish

Cuddlefish – It’s the towel for people going places.

Why lug around big and bulky towels when you can tote a lightweight, thin, and super absorbent Cuddlefish Towel? ( Cuddlefish beach-sized towels weigh just 11 ounces and fold up to the size of an iPad. That way you can pack a few Cuddlefish towels and still have room for all other essentials in any beach bag, backpack, gym bag, or carry on.

 In addition, the soft smooth towel is made from the super absorbing power of microfiber. In fact, one ultra slim Cuddlefish towel holds nearly 3 times its weight in water! And what makes it a super product is that they don’t stay wet for long. They’re quick drying either on a hook, in the sun, or in the dryer. With bright and vibrant designs they’re fun to use too! All Cuddlefish towels are $25.00.

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My Thoughts

I only live a few blocks from the beach, so we tend to walk there. Even though we're close, I have a ton of things to carry with me.  I have four children, and we need chairs, toys, drinks, snacks, sunblocks, and more.  Anything that can save me a little space in my beach bag is going to get my attention. Cuddlefish Towels does just that. These lovely towels come in beautiful designs, are super soft and absorbent, but they can also fold down to about the size of an iPad.  That's a major space saver! 

I received the Umbrella design, which is a beautiful beach scene in bright colors. The towels are extra long and wide. You can easily stretch out in the sand comfortably, but what really sold me on these towels is how super soft they are. The microfiber is thin, making it easy to store, but its still really soft. In addition to offering superior comfort, the microfiber is also very absorbent, so whether you get a little sweaty while you're laying out in the sun or you come in from the ocean or pool dripping wet, the towel will absorb the excess liquid and dry off quickly. It can actually holds up to three times it weight. 

 My towel held up very well in the wash. It didn't shed at all and came out of the dryer just as soft  as when it arrived. This is by far one of the nicest beach towels I've ever owned, and believe me, since I live so close to the beach, I have tried quite a few!