Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Can Your Kitchen Be Bigger?

Many people will often expand existing rooms in the home in order to make them larger. One of the more common of these is the kitchen. Many people like a large area to cook while having the space to install a multi-purpose island near the center of the room. There are two real restrictions when deciding if your kitchen can be expanded in such a manner: lot size and support walls.

Size of the Lot

Your property size may prove to be problematic when it comes to adding on space to the home. In the city, houses are often placed relatively close together making expansions extremely difficult due to easements and property lines. However, a lot of homeowners get around this aspect by modifying the interior of the home and converting space from a secondary room to add onto the kitchen.

Supportive Walls

Support walls are extremely important when it comes to the stability of the home. Without these walls, the rooms or roof above could come crashing into the kitchen. It is this construct that prevents many people from expanding as they cannot be removed without extensive reconstruction of the establishment.

When it comes to a kitchen renovation, it's always best to inquire help from a specialist. You don't want to take a sledgehammer to a support beam only to have a section of the ceiling collapse onto your kitchen table. Even if your home suffers from either a lack of space or a supportive structure, a professional may be able to give you alternatives to increasing your kitchen size.