Sunday, May 10, 2015

Blu-ray Review - Black or White

Black Or White
Oscar® winners Kevin Costner* and Octavia Spencer** co-star in this touching comedy-drama based on real events. When two grandparents, Elliott (Costner) and Rowena (Spencer), engage in a heated custody dispute over their beloved granddaughter, the ensuing legal battle forces them to confront their true feelings on race and forgiveness. Can people from two seemingly different worlds find common ground when nothing is as simple as black or white?

My Thoughts

This is a great family movie that touches on issues of racism, but also teaches us that we can overcome them. Kevin Costner stars as a grandfather who has lost almost everyone he loves. He's left to raise his granddaughter after his daughter dies in childbirth and his wife is killed in a car accident. He's a businessman and struggles with some of the responsibilities of a single parent, but he loves his granddaughter and isn't ready to let her go when the paternal grandmother shows up and tries to get custody of the little girl.  A battle ensues and the child is stuck in the middle. Both sides of the family have to learn to overcome their differences for the sake of the child.

This was a great movie packed with a lot of emotion. Both Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer did an amazing job. You feel for both of them, and long for them to find a way to work things out. Even though the plot was predictable, I still loved watching this film, and would definitely come back to watch it again. It has a great message and is a very touching movie. 


Sarah Matos said...

Everyone could benefit from learning more about racial issues so that we can unite. Sounds like a great movie

VickeC said...

I have 13 grandchildren,,one is a little darker than the others,,does it matter to me ,,Heck NO! i adore her,i dont care what color she is,she is adopted but even if she wasnt I wouldnt care,,i love the child not the color,id fight for her with every breath i had left

alissa apel said...

That sounds like a good movie! I like Kevin Costner.

polly said...

I really wanted to go see this movie but will watch it at home now. Looks like a great movie.

Emily Endrizzi said...

I haven't seen this yet. I have heard really great things though. I will have to check it out!