Thursday, April 23, 2015

Reduce Your Child's Risk of Skin Cancer with Coolibar

With spring in full swing, nothing beats getting outside to participate in your favorite sport or outdoor activity. Whether it¹s running, golf, soccer, baseball, basketball, cycling or just cheering on your kids or favorite athlete at practices and games, outdoor enthusiasts spend countless hours in the sun¹s rays‹putting them at a higher risk for skin cancer. 

The Skin Cancer Foundation warns that a person¹s risk for melanoma doubles after five or more sunburns, making skin protection a priority for those who spend an extended period of time outside.

Fortunately, skin cancer is also the most preventable form of cancer, and the SCF recommends sun-protective clothing as the first line of defense against UV exposure, which can lead to cancer. Coolibar, is the first sun-protective clothing company to receive the SCF¹s Seal of Recommendation.
Tips for outdoor enthusiasts to stay protected from harmful UV radiation:

·      Wear lightweight moisture wicking sun-protective clothing. T-shirts are NOT adequate protection against UV rays. Along with the UPF 50+ rating in your clothing, it¹s important to wear moisture wicking clothing so you don¹t overheat.
·      A wide-brim hat is a must for golfers, walkers and spectators and provides extra coverage to the neck and shoulders, areas that often get more sun exposure. Every inch of hat brim can lower your lifetime risk of skin cancer by 10%. For runners, choose lightweight hats that cover the top of the head and neck.
·      When possible, avoid outdoor activity between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when the sun¹s UV radiation is most intense.
·      Keep sunscreen and a hat in your sports/gym bag so they are always available. Use a golf umbrella for shade when walking or waiting.
·      Remember to reapply your sunscreen every every two hours, or more often if sweating or swimming. Use sport sunscreen so it doesn¹t run and irritate your eyes. 
·      Wear sunglasses. In addition to protecting eyes from UV exposure, another cancer risk, the right sunglasses offer impact protection, and reduce reflection on the road, field or course.
My Thoughts

Before we know it, summer will be here. For me, that means endless summer days at the beach with my children. It also means endless hours of applying sunblock to help keep them protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Now, thanks to the Coolibar, getting that job done will be a little easier because their awesome sun-protective clothing provides additional protection you can't get with a regular bathing suit.

 Were lucky enough to receive one of the Boy’s Island Swim Trunks for my son, and he loves it. It has a cute blue and white pattern that is a casual look for the beach. It's very well made with a draw string waist. But its more than simply a fashion statement. Coolibar  provides important UV protection that is stronger than any sunblock. Plus, there are no nasty chemicals involved.

My daughter also got to test out the Girl’s Neck to Knee Surf Suit. The style makes her feel like she's one of the big kids getting ready to head out on a surfboard and catch a wave. Applying sunblock to only her face and hands is going to save me time and money this summer and get us to the beach a lot faster. Plus, its great for this time of year when its too cold for a smaller suit. She can still enjoy the sand without ruining her regular clothes.
 In addition to their swinwear, Coolibar  has a full line of other useful sun protective clothing including hats, t-shirts, hoodies, and more. They even have adult sizes. The colors and designs are stylish and fun and its a great feeling to know you're  doing the best to protect your little one from harsh UV rays. Here are a few of my favorite styles.

For information about Coolibar, visit their website . You can also follow them on Facebook Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.   Get a head start on summer, and get your kids some Coolibar oday.