Friday, April 10, 2015

Post-it Brand Unveils New World of Color collections

Post-it Brand World of Color collections

New for 2015, the Post-it Brand World of Color collections feature a new line of Post-it Notes in a range of eye-catching color palettes inspired by the unique trends and cultures of nine vibrant cities around the world including: Bali, Bora Bora, Cape Town, Helsinki, Jaipur, Marrakesh, Marseille, New York, and Rio de Janeiro.

My Thoughts

Forget tying a string around your finger. Er, I mean—don’t bother with the string anymore. There’s something better to help you remember. Post-it Products come in all different colors, and Post-it Brand's new line of notes inspired by cities of the world is a product to remember for sure. I love all the bright colors; they help me zero in on what I want to recall, fast. 

Don’t want to forget the bread at the grocery store? Post-it Notes.

Want to keep track of why your neighbor keeps giving you dirty looks? Post-it Notes.

I use my Post-it Notes for work; I run my own business out of my home, so there’s nothing better than Post-it Notes to help me remember.

Never mind the string around your finger. Just write what you want to remember on a Post-it Note, then affix it to your handbag or briefcase. Then you're never forget anything

Easy. Convenient. Wonderful. Colorful. Post-it Brand.
 The new Colors of the World collection is a great addition to the Post-it Brand. They are still the handy supplies you love, but now the colors are even more vibrant and there are different packages to represent the different areas of the world.  Greece comes in shades of blue and green, like the beautiful ocean surrounding it.  Bangkok comes in yellow, pinks and oranges and New York in gray, yellow and blue. And those are just a few examples. You can get your notes in original square designs or larger packs with lines. There are even Greener Notes made from recycled paper. I love the new Post-it |Brand. They brighten up my desk and remind me of the beautiful diversity of this world!

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