Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Vermont Nut Free Chocolate

Easter was all about jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, but Mother's day requires something for a more adult palette. Vermont Nut Free Chocolates has a large assortment of  candy designed with adults in mind. This is the type of treat that couples perfectly with a glass of wine and a good book. These delectable morsels melt in your mouth and introduce you to a whole new level of indulgence--and best of all, its all guaranteed to be peanut and tree nut free!

 I love chocolate, especially gourmet chocolate truffles. It's a big weakness for me, and one I don't want to resist. Vermont Nut Free Chocolates have taken chocolate to a whole new level.  Their chocolate truffles are a rich and decadent treat that will melt it your mouth. I got to try two different kinds. The first were the Caramel Rose Hearts.  These are so pretty. They are heart-shaped milk chocolate with a dark chocolate rose in the center. Inside is creamy caramel. I'ts a mouth watering combo.

The second gift box I tried is the Truffle assortment. These come in a variety of  unique varieties with a hard shell and a smooth center. Flavors include:

Dark Raspberry Truffle
Dark Chocolate Truffle
Black Forest Truffle
Mocha Truffles
Milk Chocolate Truffles
Orange-Apricot Truffles

All of these chocolates were utterly delicious. The presentation is beautiful, and once you take even one small nibble, you won't be able to stop yourself from wanting more. They simply melt in your mouth.

Finally, we received a few beautiful flower shaped lollipops in both dark and milk chocolate. My two little ones loved these. They are a high quality chocolate in fun shapes kids and adults can both enjoy.

While I don't have any one in my immediate family who suffers from nut allergies, I do have a few friends that have children who are allergic, including a child in my daughter's class. With most candy companies, you have to worry about contamination even if the product itself doesn't include nuts. Its great to be able to find such delicious chocolate that anyone can enjoy without fear.  Vermont Nut Free Chocolates are yummy treats make a great gift for mom or a fun indulgence any time at all.

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