Monday, April 20, 2015

Ballasox - Trendy Shoes for the Urban Ballerina


I love cute shoes, but I also love comfort. There's nothing worse than trying to spend a night out on the town in a pair of uncomfortable shoes. High heels are nice sometimes, but I can only stand them for so long. But you don't find too many casual shoes that are dressy enough for a fancy dinner or a night in the casinos. Until now! With Ballasox, you can have comfort and class in one affordable and portable package.

Ballasox are sort of like ballet shoes, but they have a thicker sole so you can walk around in them as much as you want to without paying the price.  They come in lots of colors including black, purple, and leopard prints. For the spring, they also have a variety of lovely flower patterns.  If you have to wear high heels or other dress shoes to an event, but might want to change later, they are the perfect choice. They are small enough to tuck them inside your handbag, and can be folded up to take up even less space.  Then the first chance you get, you can change into something a little more comfortable. They would be especially handy for a wedding so you  can change for the reception.

 I am in love with my trendy new shoes from Ballaosx, and so is my daughter. We've been taking turns wearing them almost everywhere--to the store, to the park, even to yoga class. They are stylish and cozy and perfect for pretty much any occasion and every season. They match both causal and formal wear, and are really just a lot of fun.   I  have seen ballet flats before, but no other company offers such a diverse selection of fun and funky styles. In addition to their ballet flats, they also offer boots, sandals, sneakers and more. Here are a few more of my favorites styles. 

If you want to learn more about Ballasox, you can view their full selection or  order a pair for yourself on their website. Also be sure to follow their social media to keep up with new styles and promotions. If you're looking for a unique gift for a fashionable mom, Ballasox could be exactly what you're looking for this mother's day.

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