Sunday, April 12, 2015

Eliminate Greys and Enhance Brows with Rootstix

ROOTSTIX quick-fix hair touch up pen announces two new colors to help eliminate grey and extend color between appointments. The release of Red and Dark Brown join the company’s first three colors – Black, Light Brown and Medium Brown.

No brushes, no smudging, no clumps - ROOTSTIX is easy to apply and offers temporary color for that uncomfortable time between hair appointments. The sleek pen allows you to get to the root of your color anytime, anywhere, whether you’re at the office or on the go. It’s simple to use:

  1. Use the included comb to isolate the gray hair(s)
  2. Swipe the ROOTSTIX pen along the comb and brush through
  3. Touch up individual hairs with the fine tip
And it that dries instantly.
Rootstix is almost half the price of other hair coloring products, retailing for $15 and it eliminates the use of sticky gels or sprays. Additionally, the product fills in brows giving a fuller effect to accentuate the eyes.

For men, use Rootstix on brows, mustache, beard and hair.
Rootstix is available at beauty stores and specialty retailers, Amazon or directly through the site.

My Thoughts

I hate having to dye my hair. Its annoying, messy, stinky, and takes way to much time. I usually only dye it every few months, and then its only to cover up the gray.  Even that was too much, but now, thanks to Rootstix, I can extend the time between colorings even longer.

 Rootstix is a simple way to cover your roots between colorings. Using it is really easy.  It looks sort of like a magic marker, and it works in much the same way. You simply swipe the pen along the areas that need color, brush it through, and like magic, the roots disappear. Other touch up products didn't work for me since I only have a few grays here and there. Usually the top of my head would look darker than the rest. With this, I can color just the areas where I need it.  It dries quickly and looks completely natural. The color holds up well throughout the day and lasted for several showers before it faded. 

In addition to using the Roostix on your hair, it can also be used to outline or fill in your brows. It helps give them a more even, polished look. I really loved this two-in-one product. It saves me time and helps keep my hair looking ts best. I can now go 4-6 months between colorings, so it also saves me time and money.


Sandra Watts said...

The only thing about it I am not sure I like is the tip is so small looking and I have a lot of hair and very long hair at that. Not sure how much of a pain it would be. I did check out he video on their page.