Saturday, April 18, 2015

Drift Away Coffee Subscription

Coffee is my lifeblood. I would have it pumped intravenously if it were possible. When I chose to be a stay-at-home mom, I had to cut back on a lot of things, but gourmet coffee is the one luxury I still indulge in. I enjoy all types of roasts--dark, light, espressos, flavored--and I'm always testing out new varieties and brands.  When I heard about Drift Away, I knew it was going to be the perfect subscription  for me. Each month, they deliver a package filled with high end coffees so you can sample some of the best they have to offer.

This month's Drift Away package came with four different blends. Each coffe comes in its own bag with a tag that tells you the origin and region the coffee came from, the tasting notes, and the even the farm where it was grown. They also personalize the bags with your name. My box included four different whole bean blends. Each one was fresh roasted on 4/3/15, literally the day before it was shipped. Here's a little about each of the coffees.

 From Honduras, Santa Barbara comes a blend of cocoa pepper and cherry notes. It's a great way to get started in the morning. This bold coffee will definitely chase the fog away.

From Carmo de Minas Brazil comes a classic blend of caramel, roasted almond, and cocoa.This coffee is so smooth and sweet, you won't even need to add sugar.

From Rwanda, Kibuya we have a fruity blend of coffee that includes notes of cane sugar, citrus, and allspice. It makes for a very unique blend that is a great after dinner coffee.

 From Rwanda in the Rubengera Karongi district we have a balanced blend of milk chocolate, tangerine, and earl gray tea. It's like getting a combination of tea and coffee which makes for an extreme taste sensation.

Each of these bags included enough coffee to make one full size pot.  This may vary depending on your brewer and your personal taste. They were all amazing, and I love that you can even customize your selections to meet your personal taste, guaranteeing you get a blend you're sure to enjoy.  If you're a coffee connoisseur, Drift Away is a subscription you can't afford to pass up.  For $16.50 a month, you can get the four pack sampler or choose an extended subscription for additional savings. Either way, it's a great deal and a fun way to try new coffees without a lot hassle.

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