Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cetaphil Baby Double-Duty Beauty

Cetaphil®, the #1 dermatologist-recommended brand of cleansers and moisturizers, recently introduced Cetaphil Baby! But, don’t let the name fool you, these products work for moms, too! 

Packed with soothing ingredients like organic calendula, almond oil and sunflower oil, Cetaphil Baby offers a powerful way to protect and nourish mommy and baby’s delicate skin. The budget-friendly, double-duty Ultra Moisturizing Wash, Moisturizing Oil and Daily Lotion (along with the rest of the Cetaphil Baby line) rely on the combined power of science and nature to soothe most skin irritations, leaving both mommy and baby feeling beautiful. 

Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion ($9.99): A gentle lotion that is designed to soothe and nourish, while moisturizing and protecting your baby’s skin from dryness. 

My Thoughts: 
This lotion is simply divine. Because its paraden free and hypoallergenic, its safe for newborns, but  moms will certainly love it too.  The formula is silky smooth, rubs in evenly, and never leaves behind any greasy residue. It leaves my skin as rose-petal soft as my toddler's. My teenage daughter loves it too. She has sensitive skin, and has trouble finding lotions that won't cause breakouts. She had no trouble with this one. Best of all is the aroma. The combination of calendula, almond oil, and sunflower oil makes it a luxurious treat for all of your senses.

Cetaphil Baby Ultra Moisturizing Wash ($5.99) A rich lathering wash that contains ⅓ baby lotion and is designed to leave a baby’s skin soft and smooth.

 My Thoughts

Whether your giving your baby a gentle bath with a washcloth or using your favorite puff, this wash is a great way to pamper yourself and your children. The sweet smell will help you get started in the morning or wind down at night. It lathers nicely, generates a generous amount of bubbles, and leaves your skin feeling deep down clean.

Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil ($6.99): A gentle oil that is specially designed to soften and smooth. 

 My Thoughts

I've never really used oils because I worried they would be greasy. That isn't something I needed to fear with Cetaphil Baby. The moisturizing oil is the perfect way to combat dry winter skin as you transition to your spring wardrobe.  It smooths away even the most stubborn dry patches and keeps skin shiny and healthy on kids and adults alike.

All Cetaphil® Baby products are paraben free, mineral oil free, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. The products are available now on,, and Beginning at the end of March, Cetaphil Baby will also be available in-store at Buy Buy Baby and Babies R’ Us. Beginning in May, Cetaphil Baby will be available at mass and drug retailers nationwide, including Walmart. 

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VickeC said...

this time of year has been hard of the screen,,this would be nice to try

alissa apel said...

I actually use baby products on my kids still. They have such sensitive skin.

Emily Endrizzi said...

I've been using Cetaphil for years now. I use the face wash and facial lotion and love them both. I used to go to a dermatologist and that is the brand he kept in his office for the patients to wash their faces with before being treated. You can't get a higher recommendation than that in my book. My only question is, how do you pronounce it? I always say set-a-fill or seat-a-fill. Do you know? I've been meaning to look it up. Lol.

Sandra Watts said...

I didn't know they carried baby products. I thought it was just for acne.