Monday, April 13, 2015

Box O' Munch Subscription Box

I love trying out new snacks and experimenting with different types of  food. Box O Munch gives me the opportunity to sample unique treats and old favorites with their unique subscription service. For one low price, a new selection of snacks can be shipped right to your door each month, allowing you to sample some of the coolest products on the market and see which ones you enjoy the most. There are three different  options to choose from. There's a chocolate lover's box, a box for the those who prefer extra healthy snacks, or the classic Box O' Munch.

I opted for the original box so I could get a good feel for what they offered. The April Box O' Munch to try out and I was pretty impressed with the selection. The package is about the size of a shoebox, but it's jam-packed with tons of tasty treats. There was a nice combination of salty and sweet items, and even a few drinks.  Here are the goodies I found in my box:

 Sour Cream & Onion Pringles
Lay's Classic Potato Chips
Whirly Pop
Jolly Rancher Dippers
Lffey Taffy
Yoo Hoo
Entemann's Little Bites
Aunt Sally's Creamy Pralines
Original Spree
Linder's Chocolate Chippers
Milano Dark Chocoalte Cookies
Fruit by The Foot
Angry Bird Fruit Snacks
Air Heads
Mini Snickers
Chick O Sticks
Dad's Old Fashioned Root beer Hard Candies

This box was a huge hit with  my family. We loved everything inside our box and I know we'll be looking for some of these brands in the future.  If you're looking to try out some new snacks and or simple want a huge selection for one low price, you should definitely give Box O' Munch a try. To see what's coming up in next month's box, be sure to visit their website. To keep up with new products and promotions, follow them on their social media. You won't regret it. These snacks are really something!

Discount Code

If you want to give  Box O' Munch a try, now would be the perfect time. They are currently offering all new subscribers 20% off their first box! Just enter the code WELCOME at checkout and the discount will be applied. 

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Emily Endrizzi said...

This looks like a yummy and fun subscription box. I would love to have treats like that delivered to my door!

alissa apel said...

This looks like a yummy box. How fun! I bet your kids loved it.

VickeC said...

oh wow,my grandkids would gobble that up so quickly,,and so would I

Sue Emery said...

Since I am an empty nester, I wouldn't need a subscription, but I will show/mention this to my family & friends. Thanks for sharing!

Sandra Watts said...

Lots of really yummy treats. Would be fun to get this.