Saturday, April 18, 2015

Book Review : Plastic Island

A 2001 study found an average of 334,271 pieces of plastic per square mile in the northern Pacific Ocean. The middle of the Pacific Ocean holds a stationary garbage heap about twice the size of Texas that goes unnoticed. Author David Cuellar is trying to change that.

In his short children’s story, “Plastic Island,” Cuellar stresses the importance of keeping the environment clean. Pollution affects all living beings, from a boy who plays the flute to an eagle that flies in the sky. Cuellar believes that Mother Nature has done her part, so it’s time for mankind to do his.

While on a hiking trip in Middletown, California, Cuellar first learned of garbage patches in the ocean from a fellow hiker.

“My first reaction was disbelief,” Cuellar said, “But after researching it, I realized the truth. I saw the vortex in the ocean as the Earth doing its part to gather up our mess.”

Everyone can contribute to the beautification of the earth. Kids, teens, adults, CEO’s and even members of the United Nations have a part. Cueller hopes to spread awareness of the garbage patches in the ocean and to help raise more environmentally conscious kids.

My thoughts:

This is a story about Flute Boy.  While playing his flute he felt the earth with his heart. So his journey begins as the earth wanted him to walk to the great forest,where he met a wolf that loved to howl at the moon.  Thank flute boy and the wolf walk up a great mountain the earth had called them to do.  Once there, they meet a proud eagle who loved to fly high.  The three of them felt the earth call to them to walk to the sea.  So once they reach the sea they meet sea turtle who loved to blow bubbles.  The four of them than felt the earth call to them to walk to the beach.  Once there they meet a little girl named Free Spirit  who loved to sign. The four of them felt the earth call them to go out to sea in a boat. They meet a great whale who loved to spray water. The earth called to the six of them to go deeper into the ocean so they did.  And this is where they came upon Plastic Island.  Where all the worlds trash was floating in the ocean.  

The six friends go the United Nations, as suggested by Free Spirit to get help cleaning up all of that trash in the ocean.  To get the attention Flute Boy played his flute, the wolf howled at the moon, the eagle flew high in the sky, the sea turtle blew bubbles, the great whale sprayed water, and Free Spirit sang.  They got the attention of the men and women at the United Nations, and received the help needed.

I read this book with my seven and eleven year old. They really enjoyed it. My son pretended he was Flute Boy, and my daughter was singing and pretended she was Free Spirit.  They also asked questions on what they can do to keep the earth clean.  So, this is a wonderful book  to teach children the importance of recycling and putting trash in the proper designated places. It is written in a way that it keeps a child's attention, as well as the great colorful illustrations.