Saturday, April 4, 2015

Book Review: Good the Goblin Queen

Good is a seven-year-old girl who was adopted by absolutely ghastly parents. One night, after wishing on hundreds of shooting stars to become a queen, an elderly ghost appears to grant her wish in the most unexpected way, making her queen of the Goblin Kingdom. Yet what seems like a curse becomes a blessing when she meets seven goblins on their way home.
They lead Queen Good to the Goblin Kingdom, until stopped upon discovering that a mysterious enemy has destroyed their homeland completely. Good must now help her fellow goblins discover who their enemy might be, and in doing so she just might discover who her real friends are, and who she really is—good, queenly, and a little goblin.
My thoughts:
Such imagination and creativity in this book.  My eleven year old daughter loved this book.  She read it in two days from front to back in two days.
In this book, Good just wants to fit in, and feels she doesn't with everyone.  Good gets turned into a Goblin and takes you along her magical journey in this book.  Good meets all kinds of characters as she travels as a Goblin.  This book is written so that you can almost visualize the characters that she encounters.  The illustrations are really cute and well done also. 
This is a book that the young and old would enjoy reading.