Thursday, March 26, 2015

Build the Perfect Easter Basket with PEEPS! #PEEPSONALITY

The Easter season is upon us and the candy connoisseurs at Just Born Quality Confections have been busy making Easter candy in order to fill Easter baskets across the country, providing a variety of PEEPS® colors, flavors and shapes for every PEEPSONALITY® in America.  Want to hear a few fun facts about Peeps?

Did you know…?

  • Yellow is America's best-selling color of PEEPS® Chicks and Bunnies, followed by pink and then blue.
  • Just Born produces enough PEEPS® Brand Marshmallow Candies in one year to circle the earth three times.
  • Chicks rule! 4 out of every 5 PEEPS® purchased are Chicks – either flavored, dipped in chocolate, covered in chocolate or in the original un-flavored marshmallow form.

Be sure to  get your  PEEPS® early this year to try all the new flavors for 2015. Fans can also discover PEEPS® plush, apparel, and other Just Born candy brands at, the one-stop-“hop” for all things sweet!

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My Thoughts

This year, there are a ton of new Peeps flavors you can try for Easter. As soon as we see the Peeps on the shelves, we know it's time for Easter. When I was a kid, it was just the yellow chicks, but Peeps have evolved over the years and now they offer a whole slew of colors and flavors perfect for all your spring celebrations. Her are just a few of our favorite varieties.

These egg-shaped peeps are brand new this year and the perfect addition to any basket. Each one is beautiful decorated, but still has that yummy marshmallow flavor you love.
Exclusively at Target, you can find Peeps dipped in fruit flavored fudge. Flavors include orange, lemon, and lime.

 Orange creme is a awesome flavor that tastes just like an orange creamsicle.. You can only find these at CVS.
My children's favorite Peeps this year are the Mystery Peeps. Will they be tangy, salty, sour or sweet? You never know until you bite into one.  These are available exclusively at Walmart.

 Of course, you can't go wrong with the originals! Classic chick shaped Peeps or bunnies are always a great choice. You can use any combination of these delicious treats and fun Peeps merchandise to create the perfect Easter basket for your children! Adding a few Mike & Ikes or Charleston Chews, and of course jelly beans will complete the whole basket!

If you want to pick up some Peeps for your spring and Easter celebrations, you can find them in stores nationwide. For fun craft ideas and recipes to go along with your Peeps, be sure to check out the Peeps website.