Saturday, March 7, 2015

Get Kids Moving with Gaiam's NEW Yoga for Kids DVDs

With childhood obesity continuing to rise, combined with schools reducing the amount of physical activity kids receive during the day at school, getting kids to be and remain active is harder than ever before. Because of this, Gaiam now has new options to help parents get their kids moving at home – Yoga for Kids DVDs.

Providing benefits such as bonding with the family, to helping build communication skills, confidence, and trust through the practice of yoga, Gaiam’s new DVDs for kids offer easy-to-learn routines from yoga for kids’ specialist Jodi Komitor:
-          Yoga for Kids: Dino-Mite Adventure
-          Yoga for Kids: Outer Space Blastoff

Each DVD features the workouts below and will be available on

My thoughts:

I run an in home daycare and the kids absolutely love watching the Dino Mite Adventure Yoga DVD.  We do this not once a day but two or three times a day.  My ten and seven year kids join in the fun after they get home from school.

Most gyms in my area do not offer any gym/yoga activities for children under the age of thirteen.  So this is a great DVD to start your little ones on fitness.  Not to mention you learn a little about dinosaurs too.  This is also a great way for families to do something together.  

Outer Space Blast off is another great Yoga DVD for kids.  And what kids don't love Space?  My ten and seven year love this one.  They even had me get them their own Yoga mats to use.  It is great as a parent to see your child show interest in something that is good for them.  And the ten minutes goes so quick.  My ten year old daughter will stop sometimes, and does one of the Yoga moves from this DVD.  It is really cute.  She even has her friends doing this Yoga DVD when they come over for play dates.

Jodi Komitor certainly keeps the kids attention with this DVD.  And she makes it lots of fun.  This is definitely a must have for anyone with children.

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Cris Mic said...

Wow!! What an inspiring review of “yoga for kids”!! My kids don’t practice yoga. I feel this yoga video DVD will help them in making their interest in yoga. Thanks for sharing this useful information!