Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DIY Easter treat with the NEW Pirate's Booty Carrot Snacks

There’s a new member aboard arr snack family crew! Today, Pirate’s Booty sails out with non-GMO Pirate’s Booty Carrot Snacks, packed with Vitamin A, and made with sea salt that the Pirate enjoys while sailing the open seas.

Made with real carrots and corn, Pirate’s Booty Carrot Snacks are baked to create a crispy puff that is not only tasty but also provides an excellent source of Vitamin A. Certified gluten-free, the carrot puffs are a brand-new option in the snack aisle, with 0g of trans fat per serving and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Pirate’s Booty Carrot Snacks are making their debut at Natural Products Expo West 2015 at booth #2258 alongside Pirate’s Booty Crunchy Treasures, which are also non-GMO. Pirate’s Booty Carrot Snacks retail for $3.19

Not only are the Pirate's Booty Snacks a yummy treat, they're the perfect way to fill baskets this Easter.  You can even make a fun DIY Easter Treat for your family or your children's classroom. All you need is a bag of Carrot Snacks, cone shaped snack bags which you can find here, and some green string on twine.  Then, simply fill up the bags with carrot snacks, tie it off with the string, and you have a carrot that no child will complain about eating!

As you can see, these yummy snacks look adorable in our Easter Basket. They are a lot of fun and an affordable treat for classroom parties. My daughter has a child in her class with nut allergies, and happily, Pirate's Booty is nut free and a safe choice. Putting them in these bags was also a simple craft she was able to take part in, even though she's only five.  If you want a last minute Easter gift that is a fun and healthier alternative, just head to your local supermarket and grab a bag of Carrot Snacks.

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Dogmama said...

These are cute! I've always been a sucker for cute and healthier snacks.

Emily Endrizzi said...

What a cute basket idea! I haven't tried these yet, but I would love to!