Monday, March 30, 2015

Celebrate Easter with Candlewick Press!

Spring is here!

…and with it comes warmer weather and melting snow.  It’s a great time to get little ones out and about, whether they’re romping around in the backyard, taking a trip to the playground, or participating in an Easter egg hunt!

These Candlewick titles for kiddos under 5 are perfect for getting you and your family in the mood for the new season.  Featuring a variety of adorable, furry friends (and a familiar one-haired baby covered in Easter egg paint), they’ll work at playtime and bedtime alike—and they’ll look great in an Easter basket with some chocolate eggs, too.

Peep and Ducky Rainy Day
By David Martin, illustrated by David Walker
PB: 9780763668846 ∙ February 2014 ∙ $14.99 ∙ 32 pages ∙ Ages 0-3

Perfectly tuned to a toddler sensibility, this exuberant tale will enchant both listener and reader.

When Peep visits Ducky on a rainy day, the little pals have no trouble finding things to do. Inside, there is a tent to build and a pillow fight to be had. And outside, with the help of galoshes and umbrella, it’s fun to captain a boat—until a whoosh of wind and a clap of thunder sends them running back in!

« “Totally in tune with toddlers, this snappy read-aloud gets it right.” — Kirkus Review

Hop! Hop!
Written and illustrated by Leslie Patricelli
Board: 9780763663193 ∙ February 2015 ∙ $6.99 ∙ 26 pages ∙ Ages 0-3

The Easter Bunny is coming! It’s time to dye eggs. Did you know that red and blue make purple? That blue and yellow make green? That an art project may result in a multicolored Baby? There are bunny ears to wear (for the dog and cat, too) and an Easter basket to put out before bedtime. What will Baby find inside it the next morning?

“Preschoolers, parents, teachers, and librarians will be excited to ‘hop’ to Patricelli’s latest.” — School Library Journal

My Thoughts:
Hop! Hop! was an adorable book that goes over the fun things kids get do at Easter. Such as coloring eggs! While coloring the eggs, children will learn things such as red and yellow make orange.

The little boy in the book does arts and crafts after he dyes Easter eggs, followed by eating jelly beans and going on an Easter Egg hunt.

Kids will enjoy this book because they get to read about the things they are already doing, as well as some learning along the way. My daughter enjoyed the book. The illustrations are bright and eye catching, and sure to keep your child looking all over the pages as they follow along with the story.

Cutie Pie Looks for the Easter Bunny
Written and illustrated by Jannie Ho
Board: 9780763675998 ∙ February 2015 ∙ $5.99 ∙ 8 pages ∙ Ages 0-3

Little readers will love joining in with Cutie Pie's search.

Cutie Pie's friends all have Easter eggs but Cutie cannot find the Easter Bunny to get her egg. Wherever can he be?

“An upbeat, interactive offering sure to make an appearance in Easter baskets and storytimes come spring.” —Kirkus Reviews

A Lullaby For Little One
By Dawn Casey, illustrated by Charles Fuge
HC: 9780763676087 ∙ January 2015 ∙ $12.99 ∙ 32 pages ∙ Ages 2-5

At the end of a lovely day full of laughter and fun, little Bunny and Big Daddy Rabbit have time for one last game. All their woodland friends join in, too — woo-hoo! — but when little Bunny gets tired of all of the hullabaloo, Big Daddy Rabbit knows that a special lullaby is exactly what’s needed.

“Casey's rollicking rhyming text describes their romp, which draws the attention and enthusiastic participation of other woodland creatures. ... Fuge masterfully paints cheery bucolic scenes in watercolor. ... Young readers ... will relate to Little One's abrupt swing from rambunctious fun one moment and overwhelmed unhappiness at the unexpected result in the next. ... Sure to satisfy toddlers and preschoolers, this father-child tale will warm many hearts.” — Kirkus Reviews

Count with Maisy, Cheep, Cheep, Cheep!
Written and illustrated by Lucy Cousins
HC: 9780763676438 ∙ February 2015 ∙ $15.99 ∙ 32 pages ∙ Ages 2-5

Will all ten chicks be safe and accounted for by the last turn of the page?

It’s bedtime, but where have all of Mommy Hen’s chicks gone? Maisy is quickly on the case to find them, and little readers can help, too—by lifting the flaps to see who’s hiding in the stable, by the tractor, or up in the apple tree.

“The counting combined with the flaps, appealing barnyard animals and varied farm locations make this an ideal counting companion to better known stories and songs, such as "Old MacDonald." A book that doesn't take any "cheep" shots at the material.” – Kirkus Reviews


My Thoughts:
Count with Maisy, Cheep, Cheep, Cheep! was an adorable book. In this book, we are helping the mama hen find her chicks before bed, and she has 10 of them to find. They are hidden in quite some funny places all around the farm.

A child will want to read this one multiple times and find the chicks under the hidden flaps. My daughter loved the interactiveness of this book, and she had fun counting the chicks along the way. We also were able to do some math as we had to figure out how many chicks were left to find.