Saturday, March 28, 2015

Book Review: The Disappearing Dolphins

Kevin and his twin sister Jackie always enjoy going to the beach with their mommy, but Kevin can tell that today will be extra-special. As he and Jackie start building a sandcastle, Kevin sees a fantastic sight: a dolphin, jumping and playing in the ocean.
Kevin is known for his vivid imagination, and when he tells Jackie about the dolphin, she does not believe him. As he watches the joyful antics of the dolphin in the sparkling sea, Kevin is convinced that the dolphin is real—even he couldn’t make up something this fantastic!
Determined to share the magic of the dolphin, Kevin sets out on an adventure of discovery that will create lifelong memories for him and for Jackie. With warm, comforting language and beautiful illustrations, The Disappearing Dolphins is sure to become a favorite with anyone who cherishes the wonder of the natural world as seen through children’s eyes.

My thoughts:
Having two young children of my own, I can relate to the excitement of Kevin seeing the dolphins in this book.  Kevin and his twin sister, Jackie were having fun on the beach with their mommy, building sand castles.  But every time Kevin told his sister about seeing the dolphin, she didn't believe him.  When she would look up, the dolphins would be back in the water.  Until finally, there were five, and Jackie saw them.    They get to get up and close with the beautiful dolphins.  But you will have to read this great book with your little ones to find out how.
The pages through out this book are beautifully illustrated.  Very colorful.  The writing is big enough that a small child can read it with an adult or by themselves.  A very cute book.