Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bestie Bag- A Little Girl's Best Friend.

When do very young girls get into fashion? The answer is MUCH YOUNGER THAN YOU THINK. Now even six year olds want purses, high heels, lipstick, the works. It’s clearly the byproduct of a fashion-crazed culture. The latest entry into the “little girls want it now” category is the Bestie Bag!

Katie and Kira Kosarin of Nickelodeon’s “The Thundermans,” LOVE the Bestie Bags on Instagram!

Entrepreneur Cari Cardaci thought it would be a great name for her faux fur shoulder bag with a cute print pattern.

The bags each represent a girl with her own personality. RACHEL loves fashion and music. CLAIRE loves animals, nature and exercising. KATIE is a huge sports fan, basketball and soccer are her favorites. VANESSA is a movie buff. Ever since she was a little girl, ZOEY’s been in the kitchen with grandma. She's taught me so much about life, food and her secret lemon bar recipe!

Pricing for the Bestie Bag is $19.99, girls will probably want to collect them. Key chains – purchased separately for $4.99.

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My Thoughts

We received the Vanessa bag. Each bag comes with a key chain with a character on it. Each characters is unique and comes with a card explaining a little about them.

I took a few minutes to inspect the bag before showing it to my daughter. I found the bag to be unique and not like any I'd seen in stores so far. The material was soft and the bag was made and put together with quality material. Its fashionable that I couldn't imagine a little girl not liking the bag.

As you can see in the photo above, the stitching is professional. The bag closes with a small piece of Velcro, so no zippers to worry about for the younger child.

So what did my daughter think of it, because that's important too. She loved it! Every since getting the bag, she's kept it with her, carrying around all her favorite things. She loves her Bestie Bag very much! The bag is in her favorite color, so she's had no problem coordinating it with her outfits.

She enjoyed the adjustable strap on the bag so she can have a long purse or a short purse, depending on her mood. We both think these bags are great and give them two thumbs up.