Saturday, February 28, 2015

Movie Review : All She Wishes

In All She Wishes, sardonic high school loner Sophie O'Dea (Giovagnoli) is given a beautiful but ancient car from her eccentric grandma Grace (Julia Duffy, Newhart) on her birthday.  Told that the car has magical powers that will grant her one wish, non-believing Sophie casually makes a wish for a date to an upcoming school Valentine’s Day dance.  To her surprise her wish comes true in the form of Drake (Worthy), a cute, comical actor from Los Angeles who magically appears in the trunk of her car.
Sophie and Drake are immediately at odds over every little thing, and Sophie makes numerous efforts to ditch Drake only to find that, no matter what she says or does, he continues to pop out of her car trunk. In a last resort to get rid of annoying Drake, Sophie decides that she must follow through to fulfill her wish of taking him to the “Girls Ask Guys Valentine’s Day” school dance.  However, as the big dance rapidly approaches, she starts to feel that Drake might not be so bad after all... and that she in fact might be the one who needs to have a change of heart. Realizing that she must learn to open her heart up to others, she sets out to make things right with Drake before her wish is finally fulfilled and he disappears back to the big city forever.
My thoughts:
This is a cute movies for kids.  In the beginning, Sophie is running late for work.  She works at Grace's Place, which is her grandmothers.  Once she gets to work, she sees her used to be friend, Emily.  They are on and off friends.  Emily asks Sophie if she has a date for the school Valentine's Day dance.  Sophie responded that she was going with Arin, not knowing that he is already taking Emily.  Sophie than tries to say it is a different Arin, when in reality Sophie didn't have a date at all. 
 Sophie's dad and grand-mom walk into the diner and surprise her with birthday presents.   Sophie drove her dad to the airport after their celebration.  One of Sophie's presents, a picture frame with a picture of Drake, a teen model she likes.  She wished that he would take her to the dance.  After her wish, the car she is driving glows a purplish color than goes back it normal color. Than she hears a scream from the trunk.  She opened and to her surprise, it was Drake! She is in disbelief that her dream came true, because it was her dream that he would take her to the Valentine's day dance. 

Throughout this movie Drake does some quirky things that drives Sophie nuts.  Even though they are cute quirky things.    Drake and Sophie do in fact go to the Valentines Day Dance.  But you will have to watch to see if he stays or goes back into the picture frame.

My twelve year old daughter and her friends loved this movie and have watched it a few times already and I am sure it will be in our DVD player numerous times more. 

If you'd like to watch this fun movie for yourself, its available on Amazon.